Dedicated to nourishment, connection, learning, exploring while discovering an island and culture that sees life as an offering and lives in sacred symbiosis with nature and all that is acknowledged ...


The Sama Yoga Teacher training involves a full understanding of Yoga, not
only on the mat, but as a way of living that gives harmony and joy in your life.


To do a pilgrimage is not an ordinary vacation or touristic sightseeing tour, but a meaningful transformational journey, in tune with ancient tradition and
today’s needs, to a sacred place.

...let us share the real Bali with you

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Sanskrit संस्कृत level 1 & 2

Sundays:3:30 pm Level 1 5 pm Level 2 Sanskrit संस्कृत- Learn the basic in Sanskrit संस्कृत - Read and write Devanagari देवनागरी - Correct phonetics, phonology, pronunciation (śikṣā)Step by step, ...


TUESDAY @ 5 pm WITA In these classe we'll learn to chant and refine the opening prayers that are chanted at the beginning of Vedanta class. These are very auspicious ...

16 step PUJA

WEDNEDAY 6:30 WITA Pūjā is one of the most beautiful ways to bring out the devotee within oneself and establish a relationship with Īśvara, the Lord. Pūjā is called kāyikaṃ ...