2 Days Yoga Adventure 15-16 th Feb 2019

2 DAYS – Trekking and Cycling

Price: 175 USD/ person

Two days to immerse in the waters and nature of this magical island.

The journey starts from the minute you step on the bus, we slowly leave the business of city behind and as the roads become steeper, the air crisper and the views more and more stunning, we enter into a part of Bali where hidden waterfalls and lush greenness awaits you.

Bus stops seemingly in the middle of a road, and there it is, the entrance to the jungle. With the humble and knowledgeable guidance of Yatra’s local friends we’re taken on a trek on a winding path through trees full of fruit and nuts, coffee beans and avocado. Watch your step, it gets slippery at times and that might be the subtle clues that the waters are near. You hear the waterfalls from a distance, they sing along with the sounds of the jungle and all of a sudden, behind that next rock, the first one appears, and we’re offered a natural cooling shower, hiking upstream for a minute until we see the next one. The hunt for waterfalls has begun, to float by its feet or allow all of its strength to literally soak you.

Your feet get used to the jungle path, the sun is softly peeking through the thick leaves above and while our guide tells you about the benefits of the local fruit he’s showing you, we reach the space where our home cooked, organic lunch buffet is served.

We spend the afternoon resting our legs a bit, at the shores of Buyan lake. Letting this calm lake restore us, this is one of the main water sources for the whole island of Bali. Option to glide through the still waters in canoes. Listen to the sounds of animals that wake up at sunset, telling stories by the fire while darkness falls, watching the fireflies.

In the morning light we rise, stretching our arms to the sun, bowing down to this land and giving our body’s a softening through a lead yoga and meditation session. Allowing any lingering tiredness of the night to fall off and filling up energy for the day ahead.

After breakfast we mount our noble steads, a.k.a. our bicycles and again our local friends will take us on a ride off the beaten path. Some uphill pedalling will be immensely rewarded by the views and having us cruising through rice fields and villages on gentle downhills. Being greeted by the farmers, sacred volcanos having our back and meeting the day-to-day Bali life on the slopes of the mountains. Traveling downstream with the rivers, rivers that are fed from the waterfalls and which all end up in the same source, the ocean. The landscape around us change the closer we get, Bali’s coastline might take your breath away and there is plenty of time given to experience, to drink these views with your eyes and all your senses.

We started in waters and we will end our immersion in waters, the aim of our cycling journey is the natural springs of Jatiluweh. Here we soak our bodies in either cooler waters or the hot springs, letting sore muscles soften and maybe sipping on a young coconut fresh off the tree.

Back on the bus. The mud on your shoes bear witness of adventures, the coffee beans in your pocket and the greens leaves that fall out of your backpack upon your return all serves as little souvenirs of our journey together. We wish to make great memories with you while offering you the chance to experience our fav

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