The breathtaking, gorgeous and simply stunning wonders of Bali.

Price per person:

65 €

Half-price for children under 12 years old

Minimum 4 people

Activity Level


Trek distance: 7.3 km

Trek duration: 3½ - 4 hours

Tour duration: One full day

An early rise and shine, away from the noise, we head to grasp the magnitude of majestic mountains and to enjoy the tropical rainforest surroundings and the coolness of the calm peaceful mountain air!

The still-point beauty of Lake Tamblingan.

The Balinese word Tamblingan comes from the words ‘tamba’ and ‘elingang’. Tamba means ‘medicine’, while elingang means ‘spiritual ability’; this is ‘a spiritual place for healing’. The legend of Lake Tamblingan dates from sometime between the 10th and 14th centuries. At that time, around the lake, there were four villages; Gobleg, Munduk, Gesing and Umejero. The four villages were asked by the local priests to maintain the sanctity of Tamblingan Lake. One day the four villages were infected with an outbreak of a contagious disease. Soon after the disease spread to all the villages, a sainted priest came to the lake to collect fresh water. At the lake he prayed, giving his thanks to Sanghyang Widi. By his spiritual abilities the water was made into medicine and healed the people of the plague that had stricken them. Since that time the population of the four villages have constructed eleven temples around Lake Tamblingan. The presence of so many temples around the lake adds to its exotic nature; a spiritual center surrounded by ever-changing light and mists.

The hike will take you through lush green jungle, clove and coffee plantations, tropical fruit trees leaden with exotic fruits, hidden caves and the opportunity for immersion into the exhilarating rush of endless waterfalls.

- Services of local Yatra Tour's guides & support van

- Transportation from pick up to drop off

- All special events and entrance fees

- All breakfasts & lunches

- Snacks & Fruits during all out door activities

- Appropriate ceremonial clothes and offerings to enter sacred areas

Duration: One day

7 Waterfalls  begins with that we will pick you up at preferred location.

Approx 1,5 hrs to starting point

At Giri Putri mountain cottage we make a pit-stop.

After this toilet-visits will be in nature or squat toilets.

Once at the starting location, we’ll have safety-talk as our staff set up the stuff for the hike.

Water, hike-pole and snack will be offered before we will start the hike.

The trek will take approx. 3,5-4  hours

Snack, Fruit, Water will be offered during the trek.

During the hike we will walk through different terrains. Some part will be more physical challenging than others

We will hike back to Giri Putri where we will have lunch around 1-1.30 pm

Return to hotel approximately around 4-4:30 pm

Trek Distance : 9,5 km

Terrain : Various types of moderate to difficult terrain,

Lunch at Giri Putri Mountain cottage

In all our waterfallshikes we prepare our food ourselves, which we personally prepare with love and the best ingredients. Many of our ingredients are grown in our own gardens. The reason is that we want to serve our guest not only the tastiest food, but also food that is healthy and go in hand to support nature the food is served in nature and as a pick nick.

Trip Grade: Moderate

Hiking experience is not required.

Good health and a certain degree of fitness are required.

Optional and easier treks are available as an option.

Please let us know if you have injuries or any other health information you need to share with us.

Pack lightly and smartly.

You might consider packing a hat, mozzy repellant, a waterproof timepiece, a light, water-resistant jacket, a small towel and bathing suit, sunglasses and a small, waterproof goody bag for wet clothes.

Please wear athletic shoes that can support your feet under uneven terrain and which will help sustain a firm grasp on slippery rocks.

Please let us know if you need shoes for the trek. We have a variety of sizes and brands and will do the best to find a pair that fits you.

Normal fitness and outdoor clothing.

In the jungle you need to have either long trousers or socks that are covering the full length of your legs. The reason is that there are nettles, that can give a itchie sting.

Bring swim wears and towel

With the afternoon mountain chill plus hours by cazcading waterfalls, it is really nice to have a warm set of warm cloths after the trek

If you need a poncho due to wet weather, we will supply you with one.

Please inform your guides of any important information that you think can affect the ride (e.g. allergies, previous injuries etc)

Our guides have long experience. In case of any injury and accident we are equipped with the basic first aid kit.

In case of a more severe injury, we will transport you to nearest and highly qualified hospital, which will attend to your needs.

Please make sure you have your own personal injury/ accident insurance in case any severe accident/ injury would happen to you.

Please note:
The itinerary may vary slightly for your specific tour as we continuously research and develop each trip. Inclement weather may also necessitate minor alterations.

After a day in the nature, that special moment when you rest your body, and a well cooked meal is presented.

To make sure you get the best of the best, many of the meals will be prepared by us.

That way we make sure that all our ingrediencies are all organic and not harming either you or Mother Earth.

Many of the vegetables we grow in our own garden.

We also make sure our ingrediencies are purchased from shops that sell organic.

First trip to Bali and couldn’t of asked for a better experience and this is mainly down to finding the beautiful souls at Sama Yoga Shala -Under the Banyantree.
The waterfalls trek through the jungle guided by Yatra Tours was awesome. Totally off the beaten track-be prepared to get dirty and wet- long trousers, swim wear and shoes with grip essential- Bruce is so knowledgeable about Balis flora & fauna customs & traditions. The track was finished off with a fabulous vegan lunch prepared by Ingela.
An absolutely amazing experience with truly beautiful people. Definitly on my to do again list!

Sara Norris

A friend and I spent 5 days in Ubud and we’re so happy we found the Sama Yoga Shala! So wonderful starting the days practising yoga in beautiful surroundings with Ingela and Ibu Dayu. We’re not experienced with yoga but the lovely trainers made it doable for everyone.
We also did the infinite waterfalls trek – stunning!! Great guiding from Yatra Tours, amazing waterfalls and so fun and adventerous to be right in the middle of the jungle. And last but not least the deliiicious home made meal after the trek, so good!

Synne B

If you are in Bali and want to see and Feel the real Bali can highly recommed this lovely Goddess and her friends, you will be well taking care of and feel the real jungel

‘Thank you Yatra Tours for my first durian in Bali and the hiking, looking forward the next adventure

Jolie siveri