Daily adventures in nature with yoga; cycling through back roads, visiting our friends and family; waterfall treks; paddling traditional canoes on sacred lakes and soaking in hot springs; bathing in rivers and relaxing and snorkelling amongst corals and colourful fish.

Price per person:

960 € pp

Half price for children under 12 years

Minimum 4 people

We are so pleased to offer this unique experience, a retreat of a totally different nature, to show you the genuine Island of the Gods

We see visitors to Bali, having been stuck in traffic over and over again, witness to everything that can be seen in any and all Asian holiday destinations, returning home with such polluted impressions of this wonderful island. This has been the impetus to put together a unique program. Days are spent with nature and with a natural flow between the chosen locations.

The first two nights we will spend in Ubud, in Central Bali, followed by two nights in Wana Giri, in the contrasting coolness and beauty of the mountains.

The next two nights we take you to Balian – on the island’s west coast.

And our last nights we spend in Pemuteran, on Bali’s north coast.

Central Bali is the island’s center of art and creativity, and we will cycle from the area of the active volcano through Bali’s world famous rice paddies, which are truly an art form in nature.

In Bali’s mountain areas, morning mists soften the beautiful vistas and  cascading waterfalls await. Jump into hot springs, cycle through bamboo forests and arrive at Bali’s west coast, where we can relax and soak our feet or immerse ourselves in the ocean.

On the way north we invite you to our family home – and finally we arrive at the National park where the colourful fish and corals give us plenty of diversion and also a chance to wind down and absorb the last few days.

This tour will take you far off the beaten track, into the heart of Bali, into its jungle, beaches and mountains. This island that has fascinated travelers for centuries, with its rich culture, history and spirituality intrinsically woven into the daily lives of its inhabitants. 

Bali is one of the few places on earth where an entire culture and its traditions still follow a spiritual yogic lifestyle with daily ceremonies as a matter of course.

Our local guides will open up their lands, their homes and with the typically Balinese friendly and generous hospitality they’ll take us on a journey across their island. We will cycle through rice paddies, hike through the thick of the jungle, swim in natural waterfalls and cross calm waters in canoes. With no rush and being with the land rather than looking at it from the outside.

Every day will gift us with a new view, a new taste and maybe a different perspective on life and all living beings, both seen and unseen. We will stretch our bodies in guided yoga sequences from the Sama yoga tradition that honours the body, the breath and allows you to be exactly what you are right now, resting into that fullness of being. In Bali, where every day is an offering, we see the offerings in physical form everywhere, and where every action can be an offering. We will receive a deeper insight of the ways of this culture and included in our tour are also visits to several sacred temples, where we’ll make offerings and receive blessings from this land. 

9 days Journey

PRICE: 960 € pp

Half price for children under 12 years

Minimum 4 people


Day 1

We meet together, in the village of Penestanen Kaja just out of Ubud, at our unique Yoga Shala, Under The Banyan Tree. The huge tree which enfolds the Shala gives an especially organic quality to our first Sama Yoga class together – a gentle grounding and heart-opening session.

We walk a short way over to our Bamboo House, the house with no walls, which is surrounded by rice paddies and views of both Batu Karu and Agung sacred mountains.

Lunch is served with the peaceful and soothing sounds of the breeze, ducks and frogs in the rice fields.

Together we discuss in detail the 9 day adventure that is about to unfold!

Day 2

Today our journey will take you through the world-famous rice paddies of Tegalalang. But instead of joining the pack to see them from a tourist viewpoint, we will be cycling along pathways right through these incredible fields, and on the way gaining insight into the complex and millennia-old irrigation system called subak.

We will take a break at the traditional village of Sebatu, or Stone Rock, where we will make our way down the steps to enter Pura Dalem Pingit, the holy water and purification temple.
If you wish we will guide you through the ritual of purification in this holy natural spring water. The Balinese believe that water is one of life’s forces and therefore has great healing effects and can bestow blessings if acknowledged prayerfully.

Wayan invites us to her small warung where we sit, seeming to float in the jungle, and are served traditional Indonesian food and juice made from organic, locally-grown tropical fruits.

After lunch you may choose to continue by bicycle or be driven back to Ubud, where you can spend the afternoon as you wish; the town has so much to offer, from great shopping to wonderful choices in food, art, massage – your choice!

Day 3

We leave the Ubud area this morning and head north into the foothills of Mount Batur, entering the UNESCO Global Geopark Network. This region is the centre of Bali Aga, the ancient animistic religion practised by indigenous Balinese and prehistoric settlers in this region.

On top of the crater rim we will enjoy lunch with stunning views of the large crater lake, Danau Batur,and the summit of the mountain.

Revitalized and ready for the next adventure we will ride along the crater and through the Pelagadistrict, situated roughly 800 meters above sea level. We’ll bike through dense mountain shrubbery, past sacred temples and on the way get to feel more intimately the everyday life of the smiling Balinese.

We keep riding through the mountain area and arrive at the 3 sacred lakes – Danau Beratan, Danau Buyan and Danau Tamblingan where we’ll find our home for the next three nights.

Dinner will be served by our friend Nereka, who is an inspiration to the local community with her knowledge of the importance of growing and eating organic food and caring for mother earth.

Day 4

After rising early we get ready for our next adventure, a hike to out of the ordinary places, discovering natural untouched scenes and hidden waterfalls on the way.

Passing through lush green jungle, clove and coffee plantations, discovering tropical fruits in their natural habitat, visiting hidden caves and then — immersing oneself into the exhilarating rush of endless waterfalls. We take time to have breaks, swim in the natural pools, wade through small river crossings, shower under the pure spring water, whilst listening to the sounds of crickets and birds, and the whispering of the wind through the trees.

And the best way to bring the day to a close? A change of clothes, a beautifully prepared meal and amazing views out over the jungle.

Day 5

Today we start our ride with the stunning backdrop of Mount Batu Karu and the subak landscape spread out around us. The philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, the underlying harmony of the spiritual, human and natural realms is manifested in the ancient subak system of water management and this important interaction between man and nature.

We break for lunch in the Jatiluwih Valley, exploring the traditional rice terraces which have been accorded UNESCO World Heritage listing; and then we are back on our bikes for more off the beaten path adventure. Some uphill pedalling has its reward in amazing views, and cruising through villages and rice fields on gentle downhill slopes.

With sacred volcanoes behind us we are greeted by farmers as we see their day to day lives on the mountain slopes. We follow the rivers downstream, rivers that are fed by the waterfalls and end up in the ocean. As we get nearer to the coast the landscape changes and we are rewarded with breath- taking views of the ocean.

We bring this day to a close at the therapeutic natural springs of Jatiluwih. Soak your body in cool or hot springs, relax your sore muscles and enjoy a young coconut fresh from the tree.

Day 6

Today we wake up a little way out of the famous surf destination of Balian, in a spot where the sacred river flows. According to legend, the holy priest Sakti Wawu Rauh arrived in this place sometime in the 15th century. Finding many people sick in the area he used his healing powers, by means of a wand planted upstream, to heal the sick whom he ordered to bathe downstream. Because of its healing powers the locals called it Balian river, Balian meaning shaman or healer in the Balinese language.

So today we will let our bodies relax. Maybe with a massage, or by relaxing or strolling on the beach, maybe with an ocean or a river swim.

We will drive you downtown to the small village where you can choose between a variety of cuisines; Indonesian, Asian or Western.

In the afternoon we will ride along the sacred Balian river and find hidden trails.

Day 7

We will rise early this morning and head further north to the small village of Manis Tutu, close to the national park Taman Barat.

Enjoying the cool of morning we’ll cycle past the stunning rice fields and through traditional villages where life appears not to have changed in generations.

We invite you to drop in and meet our own Balinese family, giving you a unique opportunity to experience Balinese daily life.

Stopping by the family’s coconut plantation, Kadek will climb the palms to get you the freshest coconut!

For lunch we are invited to Putu’s traditional compound where we’ll sit in the bale bale to enjoy delicious Balinese food cooked by his mother.

Day 8

Waking up this morning on the north west side of Bali in Pemuteran, we invite you to do your own thing.

Relax by the ocean, read a book, write in your journal, have a massage. Or, maybe swim out to snorkel and appreciate the incredible underwater life amongst the coral. Or, for an extra cost, go scuba diving; its an easy dive with shore-entry and is open to divers of every level and experience.

You could visit Bio Rock, a coral restoration project, and see how local coral reefs are being rebuilt and providing abundant habitat for fish, crabs, sea slugs and shrimp.

As night falls we meet for our final dinner, served on the beach, with the sound of the waves breaking on the shore and the stars overhead.

Day 9

Our fabulous adventure together comes to a close after breakfast at the hotel.

We are happy to make arrangements for your transport to the airport.

(Or better still, extend your stay and join the Menjangan island adventure!)



960 € / person

Price based on double occupancy

Minimum: 4 people


Sama Yoga classes – every day

The physical presentation of Samayoga is an integration of Hatha Yoga, Kriyas, Qi gong and heart opening mantras, intuitively taught in a relaxed way.


Temple mountain bike ride – day 2

Total Distance: 25 km

Estimated time for cycling: 4 hours


Crater mountain bike ride – day 3

Total Distance: 20 km

Estimated time for cycling: 3 hours


7 waterfall Hike – day 4

Trek Total Distance: 8 km

Estimated time for trek: 3,5 hours


Jatiluweh mountain bike ride with Hot Spring – day 5

Total Distance: 27 km

Estimated time for cycling: 3,5 hours


River mountain bike ride – day 6

Total Distance: 15 km

Estimated time for cycling: 2 hours



  • 2 nights in Ubud
  • 2 nights in Wana Giri ( mountains )
  • 2 nights in Balian
  • 2 nights in Pemuteran

What is Included


  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner according to program
  • Snack, Fruit and Water during treks and rides
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • All Entrance fess, Guide- fee, Park-fees
  • All equipment, cycles, helmets, fees
  • Rain-ponchos
  • Clothes to enter sacred areas

Not incl:

  • Gratitude to guides and staff


If you are wishing to join the trek we expect that you are an enthusiastic recreational or leisure good health and with average fitness!

Optional and easier treks are available as an option.

Please let us know if you have injuries or any other health information you need to share with us.



The daily distances for bike rides range from 15 to 25 km; some days offer longer/ shorter option rides.

For the most part the ride is downhill and requires an average fitness level.

There are a few inclines and the occasional challenging hill, so it is best if you are a comfortable rider who can maneuver different terrains.

The few climbs on the ride are optional and can be avoided with transfers.

A support van is always nearby to support you in case you prefer to step off or need a break.

Sama Yoga

Each day we offer an option to take part of a Sama Yoga Class.

We stretch to the sun and bow to the earth, relaxing our bodies as we are guided through a yoga and meditation session, energising ourselves for the day ahead.


Temple mountain bike ride – day 2

Total Distance: 25 km

Estimated time for cycling: 4 hours

Shorter distance: Available


Crater mountain bike ride – day 3

Total Distance: 20 km

Estimated time for cycling: 3 hours


7 waterfall Hike – day 4

Trek Total Distance: 8 km

Estimated time for trek: 3,5 hours

Shorter distance: Available


Jatiluweh mountain bike ride with Hot Spring – day 5

Total Distance: 27 km

Estimated time for cycling: 3,5 hours

Shorter distance: Available


River mountain bike ride – day 6

Total Distance: 15 km

Estimated time for cycling: 2 hours


North West – day 7

Total Distance: 23 km

Estimated time for cycling: 3,5 hours

Shorter distance: Available



It was my absolute best decision to participate in YATRA Tours. Such a wonderful experience with the best people to share with. I was hoping the tour would give me an insight of the Real Bali. And such a pleasant surprise! Such a good cultural experience where we saw everything you usually wouldn’t see on a typical trip to Bali. I am so glad I went on the tour.I can and will recommend YATRA Tours – Under the Banyan Tree highly for everyone who will experience the beautiful culture and nature of Bali!

Mattias Malchau

The Yatra Tour was such a beautiful experience! This tour was great to get out and see the real Bali, with untouched jungle and breathtaking waterfalls! Our guides were so lovely and friendly – and provided the most delicious vegan food I had ever eaten post hike. It’s such good value for money, I couldn’t recommend this tour enough! A must do in Bali🍃 🌳

Ashley  Jayne

I had such a beautiful morning riding through the Bali countryside, gliding through rice fields, stopping to take in the breathtaking views and learn about farming and local plants. The whole trip was extremely well organised and I felt well taken care of, allowing me to relax and enjoy the ride! The temple visit was incredibly special. Overall a unique way of seeing this amazing island.

Morag Riddet