Activity Level



We have designed the rides to be fun, in the most leisurely way.

Much of the time we will be riding downhill; occasionally there are places with more challenging inclines and terrains, but if at any time you wish to be transferred rather than ride we are more than happy to facilitate that. 

The daily distances for bike rides range from 16 to 27 km. 

Every day we give you a option of the shorter or the longer distance

The support van will always be nearby. We do have ample rest times scheduled into the program.


Day 2: Temple Ride – 27 km /3 hrs

Day 3: Crater Ride – 25 km/3 hrs

Day 4: Waterfall hike – 5 km/3,5 hrs

Day 5: Jatiluweh Ride – 23 km/3 hrs

Day 6: River Ride – 16 km /2,5 hrs

Day 7: National park Ride – 25 km/3 hrs

Day 8 : Optional acivities 




Each day we offer an option to take part of a deeply sustaining way

In the cool of the early morning we join with nature to celebrate the start of another day.

We stretch to the sun and bow to the earth, relaxing our bodies as we are guided through a yoga and meditation session, energising ourselves for the day ahead.



Sama Yoga

The physical presentation of Samayoga is an integration of Hatha Yoga, Kriyas, Qi gong and heart opening mantras, intuitively taught in a relaxed way, that honors the students and lets them feel comfortable being themselves, the whole way through.

There’s a sense of continuous flow even in the stillness, the poses lead gracefully from one to another allowing the practitioner to go deeply into the sensations and feel the more subtle aspects of the poses.  Guidance is given in an appropriate way, enough to direct students to set up the pose correctly, then pay attention to specific aspects and feelings in the body.


Fitness Level

If you are wishing to join this 9 day trek we expect that you are an enthusiastic recreational or leisure cyclist in good health and with average fitness!

Please let us know if you have injuries or any other health information you need to share with us, for your own comfort and peace of mind.


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