Be Woman Yatra

The Pilgrimage of the Sacred Feminine

Bali, the Island of the smiling people

DEC 1 st – DEC 9 th – 2018

€ 1800 per person
Based on double occupancy

A very rare opportunity to join a pilgrimage that includes everything from outer exploration of holy places, temples, rivers, villages as well as an inward journey to the core of your being where you can discover that you are that sanctuary that everybody else seeks outside themselves. 

A daily rich program with morning self care rituals and practices, yoga dance, sharing circles, mantra chanting, bike rides, spa treatment, natural hot spring, water temple, mountain trek and amazing waterfalls is awaiting you. 

Bali is known as the island of the Gods as well as of the 1000 temples. The moment you step foot on this sacred land you are embraced by smiling people who welcome you with the words; Om Svastiastu. A Vedic greeting that invokes protection and blessing for you and your family, wishing a happy fulfilled life. 

Life in Bali is seen as an offering, a gift which cannot be taken for granted. Therefore life becomes an expression of their gratitude for all that is given through many and varied forms such as rituals, dances, music, ceremonies, pilgrimages to holy places, their care for the rice, paintings, daily acts of worship, everything is embraced as sacred. 

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Ingela and Sharada have found their spiritual home in Bali. Since 10 years these two amazing inspiring devoted women live on this island in a community that studies the Vedic Tradition and lives according to universal values. Being immersed in a spiritual culture while diving deep into the ancient teachings of the Veda, Ingela & Sharada have many pearls of wisdom to share that can enrich and bless ones life profoundly. As the years they have spent in Bali as well as India gaining a deeper understanding of a Vision of life that sees all that is here as one, these two women have lovingly put these program together so that you can join them on their journey and see Bali through their eyes. 

Ingela & Sharada wanted to make this an offering to all women who are looking to connect with other same hearted women who are looking for deep healing, nourishment, meaning, beauty, joy, truthfulness and sisterhood. 

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