Shivaratri – Special Puja Shiva – the one who is all Happiness and the Destroyer of sorrow. This is an opportunity for you to let go of that which is no longer serving you. Invoke a bright and happy future. We do a special offering to Shiva and our revered Guru Swamiji will chant Rudram and […]

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Bali’s blomstriga offergåvor

Hur kopplas yoga och spiritualitet samman på Bali? Har vi något att lära oss av denna kultur där yoga varit en självklar del av samhället I tusentals år?   Varmt välkomna till en Yoga workshop i Bali’s blomstriga offergåvor i vackra Österlen och bland de skånska slätterna 17-18 de juni 2017 De här dagarna kommer vi både njuter av […]

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Devi Sadhana – The way to the sacred Feminine

A devotional time on the magical island of Bali dedicated to
 sacred beauty, nourishment and the precious jewels of the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, led by teachers who have dedicated their lives to spiritual growth. Learn about the sacred feminine and all her different forms, like the Goddesses Durga, Laksmi and Saraswati, according to […]

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Sama Yoga Teacher Training

Why is the SamaYoga Teacher Training unique? The Sama Yoga Teacher training involves a full understanding of Yoga, not only on the mat, but as a way of living that gives harmony and joy in your life. A wish for all students: “May the students/teachers of SamaYoga gain the blessing of Moksa (liberation from a [...] read more

Bali Tirta Yatra

Date: 18-20 th April 2017 In Bali we call our pilgrimages ‘Tirta Yaatra’.‘Tirta’ means sacred waters that is purifying and the essential symbol of life.While ‘Yaatra’ means sacred prayerful pilgrimage, What is a pilgrimage, Tirta Yatra? To do a ‘Tirta Yatra’ is not an ordinary vacation or touristic sightseeing tour, but a meaningful transformational journey, in […]

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