Price per person:

960 €

Half-price for children under 12 years old

Minimum 4 people

Activity Level


Central Bali is the island’s center of art and creativity, and we will cycle from the area of the active volcano through Bali’s world famous rice paddies, which are truly an art form in nature.

In Bali’s mountain areas, morning mists soften the beautiful vistas and cascading waterfalls await. Jump into hot springs, cycle through bamboo forests and arrive at Bali’s west coast, where we can relax and soak our feet or immerse ourselves in the ocean.

On the way north we invite you to our family home - and finally we arrive at the National park where the colourful fish and corals give us plenty of diversion and also a chance to wind down and absorb the last few days.

This tour will take you far off the beaten track, into the heart of Bali, into its jungle, beaches and mountains. This island that has fascinated travelers for centuries, with its rich culture, history and spirituality intrinsically woven into the daily lives of its inhabitants.
Bali is one of the few places on earth where an entire culture and its traditions still follow a spiritual yogic lifestyle with daily ceremonies as a matter of course.

Our local guides will open up their lands, their homes and with the typically Balinese friendly and generous hospitality they’ll take us on a journey across their island. We will cycle through rice paddies, hike through the thick of the jungle, swim in natural waterfalls and cross calm waters in canoes. With no rush and being with the land rather than looking at it from the outside.

Every day will gift us with a new view, a new taste and maybe a different perspective on life and all living beings, both seen and unseen. We will stretch our bodies in guided yoga sequences from the Sama yoga tradition that honours the body, the breath and allows you to be exactly what you are right now, resting into that fullness of being. In Bali, where every day is an offering, we see the offerings in physical form everywhere, and where every action can be an offering. We will receive a deeper insight of the ways of this culture and included in our tour are also visits to several sacred temples, where we’ll make offerings and receive blessings from this land.