Price per person:

65 €

Half-price for children under 12 years old

Minimum 4 people

Activity Level


Bring your bathing suit when you visit this place because once you see this magical waterfall, you will be tempted to immediately jump in and let the cool, clean waters embrace you.

You may find other intrepid travelers there, splashing directly under the falls. Live in the moment by relaxing near the waterfall, listening to the water flowing, and gazing at the amazing rainbow of colors created by the sunlight as its rays catch the mists.

With soft steps, we will guide you along the smoothest part of the path through the forest. This place is enchanted, with the locals telling secret stories about the land, the plants, the spirits seen and unseen. Sometimes you may choose to stop and listen. At first the sounds all seem to blur together but then, there it is, the distinct song of a certain bird, high up in the canopy, or perhaps the distinct chirping of the frog’s mating call; perhaps even the sound of the elusive cicadas.

The waterfalls come in perfect intervals, as if they were sequenced by some divine hand to emerge from the jungle just when you need a bit of cooling off. Each cataract is a unique environment where the water has made its way through rocks, stones, trees; finding its own dance, its own freedom.

After our sojourn through a series of falls, we come to our journey’s final destination; a very spiritual place where two rivers converge. You may sit and meditate near this spot for a moment and let the local spirits of the waters, jungle and sky lift your own spirit.