Price per person:

65 €

Half-price for children under 12 years old

Minimum 4 people

Activity Level


Beginning with the still waters of Lake Bratan, we make our way to an area with springs, rivulets, waters and waterfalls.

From first step to last, an abundance of cool water which trickles through lush plantations, cascades down rock faces and bubbles up through the ground as fresh spring water.

There are so many water sources and waterfalls on the 'Infinite Waters’ trek that the moment you surrender to her beauty, and let mother earth guide you, a wonderful inner transformation takes place.

After a pause for some refreshments we will dive directly into the energy-giving
waterfalls, swimming in pristine pools carved out of the natural rock.

Trek Basics

Your day begins with a pick up from your preferred location in the Ubud area.

Travel time to our destination is around 11⁄2 hours. That means an early rise and shine so that we arrive at our destination while the air is still cool and the morning mists still hang in the air. We will make our first toilet stop closer to the trailhead at our private facility; the Giri Putri
Mountain Cottage. After this, all calls of nature will be either using a squat toilet
or in the jungle. Once at the trailhead, we’ll have a safety-talk as our staff prepares for the trek.
Water, trekking poles and snacks will be made available to anyone who is in need.
Along the way we will trek through many different types of terrain, some parts of which will be more physically challenging than others, so be prepared.

After the trek, the group will return to Giri Putri Mountain Cottage, arriving there between 13:00-13:30.

You will be served a delicious meal made with fresh ingredients prepared by our staff, many from our own gardens. Giri Putri is a perfect place to relax, with views overlooking the jungle; the ocean at the horizon, crashing onto the shore of northern Bali.

We will do our best to return you to your hotel or place of residence sometime between 16:00 and 17:00.

Pack lightly and smartly. Correct footwear is a must. You might consider packing extra water, your own personal munchies, a hat, mozzy repellant, a waterproof timepiece, a light, water-resistant jacket, a small towel and bathing suit, sunglasses and a small, waterproof goody bag for wet clothes.