Total Distance: 32 km

Estimated time for trek: 3-4 hours

Price: 69 USD/ person

We start in the small little village Telamba, and from here we ride through the ‘Valley of oranges’ and Bali’s agriculture heart land.

We take the small off road path and bring you to the bamboo forest, where you get a chance to discover the different types of bamboo and their significant importance for the Balinese culture and religion.

Hidden behind lush vegetation stands the ancient temple from the 10th century. Its uniqueness has called many Balinese and pilgrimages to meditate and show devotion.

Next, we will be invited to the family compound of Ketut in the traditional village of Penempahan.

Here, in this relaxed atmosphere where time feels like it comes to a standstill, we will learn about the significance of Bali’s version of feng shui and how the placement and construction of traditional Balinese
 dwellings are determined.

At the UNESCO World Heritage site Tampaksiring we venture into fields of vibrant green and are introduced to the different aspects of rice farming.

The last part of our journey we cruise through beautiful small traditional villages and paddy fields.