Practical Information

dsc05152We will be here posting information that we belive are well worth knowing for your stay in Bali.

Information is for you to have handy information before arriving and during your stay in Bali.


Indonesia has the last couple of years changed their rules and regulations several times. This means that you will have to stay ahead of the game, and make sure you are updated with the latest information.


As far as 2017, we are in the year were Indonesia allows totally 61 countries to enter Indonesia for free. Please visit your country’s Indonesian embassy to get the latest updates regarding your country’s rules and regulations, and see if you are applicable for a free visa on arrival, have to pay for Visa on arrival (VOA) or have to apply for visa in your home-country.


For more info:



You can find taxi at the airport or you can catch a local bus.

If you like, we canWayan Putu help you to have a safe driver picking you up at the airport.

These drivers are people that we been working with for years and that we  feel comfortable with.

If you like our help, you more than welcome to send us an email




The currency in Indonesia is Indonesian rupiah (IDR).

Visit to get the lastest updated exchange-rate


The exchange-rate at the airport is lower than you will get at the exchange-offices outside the airport.

We recommend that you either withdraw from ATM or change the least amount of money until you arrive to a serious exchange-office with a better exchange-rate.

If you have booked airport-taxi with one of our recommended drivers you can ask them to stop at one of the serious exchange-office with an acceptable exchange-rate on the way to your accommodation.

Money withdrawal ATM

The ATM in Indonesia works more or less like back home. There are many ATM-machines in the bigger cities and where tourists usually hang out.

It’s advisable to use ones that are either inside of a bank or attached with security guard, not the free standing ATMs,.

Things to remember:

  • The money are received before the card. Many people have walk away with money in their pocket, but card still stucked in the ATM. Don’t do the same mistake
  • Max amount to withdraw depends on ATM. Try to withdraw from the ATM that allows you to withdraw 3 000 000 rp, as you than


You can exchange money from many different currencies in many places in cities.

Make sure to have clean and whole bills, they can be very picky and refuse to exchange any damaged bills. 


Tipping is appreciated, since salaries in Bali are very low.

If you feel well treated at the hostel/restaurant/in the taxi etc what you easy pay for one or two Cafe Latte at home is a nice tip.



You might come across someone reminding you to keep some money for the airport-tax.

As of 9 February 2015, all airlines departing from Indonesia are required to include the airport departure tax in the price of the ticket.

This new regulation is valid for both domestic flights as well as international flights departing from Indonesia.

This means, that for now, you do not need think about saving some money for departing Indonesia. 



*good airy walking shoes or better sandals.

*sandals/”flip-flops” *umbrella (can be bought in Bali)

*rain poncho (can be bought in Bali)

*a torch (not just the cellphone!)

*An extra towel/lungi for the beach

*mosquito repellant

*A good waterbottle like a stainless steel one (ex: Clean Canteen)

*Clothes for warm weather. What you fly in is usually enough as warm clothes.

Some light long sleeve shirts is nice to protect yourself from the sun and keep mosquitos away. If you plan to spend time in jungle some covering but airy clothes are recommended.

*Sun Lotion, Swim Wear and maybe snorkelling gear (can usually be borrowed or rented but quality varies).

*Dehydration salts

*earplugs, eyeshades for flight and possibly first night´s sleep.

Both the ricefield orchestra and the ocean song can be a bit overwhelming the first nights.

After some times it can become a lullaby. 




If you are happy to ride a motorbike , you can ride a bicycle.

They can be rented for approx. 500 000 IDR/ month or or 50 000 IDR/day) This is a very handy and easy way to get around that also allows you to zig-zag through traffic jams  that can keep cars stuck on the narrow roads for a long time.

Just remember to be very careful.

To start with, you drive on the left side, two lane usually become six lane road, without the right licences you more likely to receive a fine & there are many trafic-accidents on the roads.


You can rent your own car, and discover Bali. For trips more than 2 hours, we recommend that you rent car with driver.

The reason is that it gives you much more leisure to relax and not worry in the trafic.

Even though you are an experiences driver, the small roads without clear signs makes it very easy to get lost.

If you need help to book a reliable, trustworthy that speak good english, you more than welcome to contact us



Bali is clean and smells of flowers most of the time.

However, as in so many developing countries there´s a problem with garbage maintenance.

Please be a respectful and responsible visitor. Bring batteries, electronics and other hazardous waste back to your home country.

In Bali it will 100 % end up either in the nature, ocean or air.

Bring a few cloth bags from home so you can say no to plastic bags. In many places including most hotels you can fill up your water bottle with clean water from big containers that are being reused, instead of buying plastic bottles.

In Ubud it´s possible to recycle paper, plastic, glass and metal in a few places like Cafe Vespa in Penestanan and Kafe in Ubud.


Consult your doctor before leaving home about the risks and possible vaccinations. A “Bali Belly” as a possibility. That means a few days upset stomach to get used to a new bacterial flora. Using probiotics tablets before, during and after your travels can help avoid this. If you know you have a sensitive belly; grapefruit seed extract after meals can be used to kill any bacteria. Hand disinfection is another excellent preventive measure.

STAY CONNECTED – internet, phone etc.

Many cafés and other tourist places have wifi connection, but it´s usually quite slow. Don´t count on Skype:ing and downloading bigger files while in Bali, if you need to you´ll need quite some patience

There are a couple of internet café too if you don’t bring your own computer or phone.

SIM:  are very cheap. To make calls you can fill it up with 20, 50 or 100 thousand IDR and use it in all of Bali.

Internet: You can also buy internet connection for your phone and use it as a hotspot. It might not work as well in all areas of Bali though. You can buy the cards in many little kiosks and cornershops.

Look for the word SimPati or Telkomsel advertised. You can even call abroad; dial 01017 plus the overseas number to avail of a reduced rate (calling the U.S. costs IDR 360, or about 3 US cents a minute (according to


Laundry Service

Most hotels/hostels has laundry service, for small money. Or you can ask where you can find, it´s probably not far. They use quite heavy chemicals to wash with so finer things are better to wash yourself. There are a few environmental friendly laundry service using soap nuts.



It’s seemed in the past years to be quite easy to find accommodation and it’s more about finding the the right place that you really like.

The prices depends on what standard you would like. If you don’t need your own kitchen, it seems you can find accommodation from 300 USD per month. The longer you stay, the cheaper the day-rate is.

Some people choose to arrive without a booking in advance and simply walk around in the area, asking for places.

You may be able to get cheaper prices this way, but the risk is there that many places are booked out.

If you feel comfortable to drive a scooter/motorbike, then you will have a huge number of options where to stay.

Please note that this is not an exact description and we take no responsibility for the correctness of the information. Any of the prices or circumstances might have changed, check with the owners before you book!

Even though email adresses are given in some cases, many Balinese may not use email frequently. Calling can be a faster way to get in touch.

On Facebook you can find places to stay and other tips for your trip under “Bali community”,“Ubud rentals”, “Ubud Bali House Rentals”, “Ubud connect”, “Ubud rentals” or “Ubud community” – worth checking out!

Generally accommodation is really nice quality with beautiful rooms since balinese people have an exquisite sence for art.

If you have any further questions, please let us know!

For our students 

We have found the past students have really enjoyed having their own space.

To help you, we’ve put together a list of some accommodation nearby.  There are many many places, so it’s just a sample list.

Feel feel free to add other options or complete the information to help future students!

Most places that are near us though are quite fancy villas with kitchen, garden, outdoor livingroom/ veranda, wifi, often also a pool etc.

It can be really nice to get together with a couple of other students and share a place like that. Some places have websites with pictures and information, but many don’t.

The best prices you will probably get if you book directly with the host, especially if you will stay longer time.

Places to stay in Penestanan



SPA Bali has a rich spa tradition, but watch out. In Ubud there´s generally better than in the countryside. Here´s a few options:

  • The 3 Cantikas in Penestanan and out on the ricefields are good for a spa day with the friends. Treatments vary on the therapeut but most of them are good enough.
  • In central Ubud you can find Ida´s bodywork on “Main Road” that gives Excellent treatments. Book Ida if you want a deep tissue go-through.



During the dry season which is between the months of April and September, Bali receives the most visitors and temperatures are if at all only a tiny bit higher than during the other months.

During Bali’s dry season one can still expect occasional rainfall though and sometimes even the locals are surprised how dry a rainy season can be and how rainy a dry season can be.

During rainy season which is typically from October to March Bali becomes more quiet.

Bali’s central mountain area is typically cooler and also more rainy than the lower coastal areas.

Especially at night temparatures can drop to 15 degrees in certain areas higher up near the volcanos. Have a look at the climate table for Denpasar, which gives you an idea about high and low temperatures during the day and the expected rainfall during dry season and rainy season:


Climate and Rainfall on Bali


Bali’s is located very near to the equator, therefore its warm, tropical climate.  Average year-round temperature stands at around 30°C with a humidity level of about 85%. Generally one can say that Bali is pleasant all year through. Even if it rains, Bali is enjoyable. The two seasons are not clear cut and fully predictable. At times, a week in November on Bali can feel like a June and the other way around. In a way it is always summer on Bali…and yes…sun protection is a must if you are not used to the intense sun of the tropics.

Where to eat?

Food is easy to spend a lot or a little, depending on your preferences.  If you eat simply and at local places or cook yourself you can get by for around 100 USD per month.

If you go for more Western delights, then expect to spend up to 500 USD per month.

But you can eat super health food, premium juices and organic foods all walking distance from the yoga shala.

Ubud has a large variety of restaurants. You can find anything from local indonesian dishes to raw food, Gluten free, Italian, Indian, Japanese, French Bakery, smoothies, freshly pressed juices and much more.

Many restaurants also offer home delivery free, or very cheaply.

The ones listed below are vegetarian/mainly vegetarian healthy tourist and expat spots where a meal is about 100 000 IDR or so if you have a drink with it. Most of them are partly or fully organic.

Some of our favourite spots in Ubud include: CENTRAL UBUD and some just outside:

  • Down To Earth, Jl. Hanuman/Gautama junction. Name says it all, very environmental friendly and excellent menu. Also has an organic food shop/health food shop downstairs and a Cinema next doors. 100 % vegetarian.
  • Clear, burned down in 2014 but there´s likely a new one on the way… Best part of the menu is the drinkable things. Actually to drink your dinner isn´t a bad idea at all. Some favourite drinks are Glittery Gold, Mango Twilight and One Love. Mainly vegetarian (serves sea food).
  • Bali Buda, A Ubud Classic with a nice menu and an excellent food shop and bakery nearby. For a Special Chocolate treat try the outstanding not-at-all-healthy-but-super-delicious Chocolate Mousse Cake. Mainly Veg.
  • Kafe, Jl Hanuman. Another Ubud Yoga Restaurant Classic. Excellent Salads. Mainly Veg.
  • Sari Organic Ricefields
  • Sopa 1… 100 % veg.
  • Sopa 2… 100 % veg.
  • Soma… 100 % veg.
  • Jah Juice Kafe, Dewi Sita Road. Also has simpler foods.

In and around Penestanan:

  • Moksha “Take a left in the curve just before The Mansion – on the path to Naya” Super delicious vegan food. World class really. Not to be missed. New anno 2015, with a big permaculture garden.
  • Elephant. Another favourite, cross the road from Bintang and walk in the direction away from Ubud. Don´t miss the sign, right after a laundry-spot. 100 % veg.
  • Alchemy, Penestanan Kaja. World Class Raw food including an excellent Chocolate Bar and “I Scream”-selection. An experience in itself and a lot of cool people hanging around. 100 % vegan and raw.
  • Sari Organic Penestanan They have a organic vegetable and fruit shop below (and a juice bar next door)
  • Yellow Flower, in the rice-fields of Penestanan. Sweet spot nearby Intuitive Flow Yoga Studio. Organic and mainly Veg. Great Smoothies!

If you prefer to cook yourself, you can easily find groceries. There’s many little stalls on the streets with basic vegetables and there’s a few organic markets each week and one shop in Penestanan which sells only organic vegetables and foods (Sari Organic). For more “supermarket style” shopping there’s “Bintang” 15 min walk from our place.