In Balinese culture- the meeting of two rivers creates a sacred atmosphere, an auspicious sanctuary for spiritual powers to be re-ignited and the mind, body, soul to be cleansed.
A placewhere Goddess Danu Resides, leaving you mesmerized by her beauty

Price per person:

65 €

Half-price for children under 12 years old

Minimum 4 people

In India and Hinduism to renounce, to leave everything behind and walk north is one of the highest spiritual pursuits. This hike starts in the north, you do not have to leave everything behind, just let your feet guide you, your senses to create the memories and the connections to the land and all its inhabitants.

We begin our journey through the sawah (rice fields) with a hundred shades or more of green, shifting with the cycles of the rice planting, growth and harvest. This northern region of Bali is called Singaraja, translated meaning The Lion King, and even if actual lions are not roaming these fields, the dramatic coastline with its black sand beaches, tinted from the active volcanos nearby could easily be the backdrop of any movie. Rise your gaze towards the horizon, and you’ll see the blurry lines where the ocean merges with the sky.

Once entering the jungle, we come across the first waterfall of the day, option to let it wash off anything we no longer need, may it be sweat, mud, or limiting beliefs.

With soft feet our local friends guide us along the smoothest path through the greens, telling us stories of the land, the plants, the seen and unseen while lifting branches and leaves out of our way. Sometimes stop, encourage us to listen, first the sounds all blur together and then, there it is, the distinct song of a certain bird, the frogs mating call, the tunes of the cicadas. Together we decipher the life of the jungle.

The waterfalls come in perfect intervals when we need a bit of a cooling off, all unique set ups, where the water has made way through rocks, stones, trees and found its own dance, its own freedom.

Merging, lines blurred to the verge of invisibility, where there ever a separation? In Balinese culture the meeting of two rivers creates a sacred space, where the spiritual power re-ignite and there is no coincidence that our journey’s final destination today is exactly where two rivers merge

Duration: One day

Full Circle begins with that we will pick you up at preferred location at dawn in the morning.

We will  head towards the sacred Batu Karu mountain.

The journey to the starting point of the trail takes about 1,5 hours so you will have some time to go on sleeping in the vehicle and save some energy for the hike.

At Giri Putri mountain cottage we make a toilet-stop. After this toilet-visits will be in nature or squat toilets.

Once at the starting location, we’ll have safety-talk as our staff set up the stuff for the hike.

Water, hike-pole and snack will be offered before we will start the hike.

The trek will take approx. 3,5-4  hours

Snack, Fruit, Water will be offered during the ride

During the hike we will walk through different terrains. Some part will be more physical challenging than others

We will hike back to Giri Putri where we will have lunch around 1-1.30 pm

Return to hotel approximately around 4-4:30 pm


Trek Distance : 10,5 km

Terrain : Various types of moderate to difficult terrain,


Lunch at Giri Putri Mountain cottage

In all our waterfallshikes we prepare our food ourselves, which we personally prepare with love and the best ingredients.

A lot of our ingredients are grown in our own gardens. The reason is that we want to serve our guest not only the tastiest food, but also food that is healthy and go in hand to support nature the food is served in nature and as a pick nick.

Trip Grade: Moderate

Hiking experience is not required.

Good health and a certain degree of fitness are required.

  • Please wear athletic shoes that can support your feet under uneven terrain and which will help sustain a firm grasp on slippery rocks.
  • Wear Normal fitness and outdoor clothing.
  • T-shirt or similar that covers the shoulders. The reason is that we will enter sacred areas.
  • In the jungle you need to have either long trousers or socks that are covering the full length of your legs. The reason is that there are nettles, that can give a itchie sting.
  • Bring swim wears and towel
  • With the afternoon mountain chill plus hours by cazcading waterfalls, it is really nice to have a warm set of warm cloths after the trek.
  • For your comfort, please also bring a thicker  jumper or jacket for the morning and afternoon mountain chill.
  • In case of rain, we will provide rain-coats
  • Please inform your guides of any important information that you think can affect the ride (e.g. allergies, previous injuries etc)
  • Our guides have long experience. In case of any injury and accident we are equipped with the basic first aid kit.
  • In case of a more severe injury, we will transport you to nearest and highly qualified hospital, which will attend to your needs. Please make sure you have your own personal injury/ accident insurance in case any severe accident/ injury would happen to you.
  • Please note: The itinerary may vary slightly for your specific tour as we continuously research and develop each trip. Inclement weather may also necessitate minor alterations.

The most amazing experience ever! I would like to thank Yatra Tour team for taking us on a tour of a lifetime. You are both wonderful persons who I am grateful to have met. I hope to see you again 

Maj-Britt Bjerre

“Looking at these majestic waterfalls and swimming in the natural pools in this untouched area took my breath away. There are very few places on earth that are this magical. After the third waterfall I was overwhelmed by a strange unknown feeling. I felt
the heartbeat of mother earth chest. I promised myself to never ever let her down. Hurting the earth is hurting ourselves. At these magical place these words were suddenly obvious and not just simple words to bespoken or understood, but experienced! Thank you for the wonderful experience. 

Kamilla Gyorgy

We had a wonderful day trekking through hardly-touched areas in North Bali’s forest and waterfall-laden lands, praying together with a beautifully explained Balinese ceremonies, and enjoying a generous homecooked lunch together. I’ll be back again for another hike or bike ride with Ingela and her team! These expeditions with intention are a treat for visitors, long time residents, or locals alike


Monali  Varaiya

Loved everything. Ingela created a magical experience from the sacred waters and jungle paths to the delicious tastes of food at the end of our trip… Thank YOU.

Tal Gur

I highly recommend Yatra tours. I enjoyed a gorgeous discovery waterfalls up in the Mountains of Bali with Yatra tours. This opperator is Great and seems to attract amazing people. The group i was with was wonderful. Bruce the driver and guide was lovely, helpful, relyable. Everyone else in the too was very pleasant. The hike is good exercise, the waters are very pleasant and I found it overall so much fun. It felt special to be off the beaten track and go where others don t adventure. The food alone is already worth the trip. All was fresh, made with care, and as a glutenfree and dairyfree person I highly appreciated the attention put to letting me know what i could eat… pretty much everything that was there, there was even special bread. In between the waterfalls there were some welcome little snacks. We had some nice playful moments, a few moments of honouring the elements with a guided prayer. We were beautifully introduced to local traditions and symbolics. I really enjoyed it all. This team goes above and beyond to create a memorable and flowing day, in respect with nature and the beautiful culture of Bali. Thank you so much! I’m deffinetly recommending it and look forward to trying the biking trip next time.