Yatra Tours

While ‘Yatra’ means sacred journey, with motive to transform ones heart spiritually.

One is ready to go through whatever dificulties or surprises that may arrise along the way, reciveing them with prayerful non-resistance, neutralizing reactions and accepetance of what is in our Inner or Outer changing unpredictable Weather.

A Yatih is one who is putting forth proper efforts in spiritual disciplines goes on a Yatra to purify his/her heart for unseen, unseeable spiritual gain, not material gain.

With this understanding one can invoke this spirit and intention from the beginning then one will have maximum benefit.

To do a Yatra is not an ordinary vacation or touristic sightseeing tour, but a meaningful transformational journey, in tune with ancient tradition and today’s needs, to places of prayerful presence.
Places of prayerful presence that have been collectively worshiped for thousands of years and are held in collective psyche as profoundly holy, revered and blessing.

All these places have been collectively worshiped for thousands of years, held in sacred collective psyche and culture of worshiping as profoundly holy and revered.

Pilgrimage can be a life-changing and transformational experience. It provides the opportunity to step out of the non-stop frenetic mechanical business of our lives, to invoke and seek a time of quiet and reflection.

Be a time of letting go of the old and to let the new come in. It is a time of simply ‘being with our hearts’ rather than always ‘doing’, being preoccupied and distracted.

A pilgrimage allows you, which you are worthy of, an opportunity to reenergize mentally, physical and spiritually.

We believe that a pilgrimage can help you to illuminate the journey of life by focusing on ‘what really matters.

When you join our Yatra, and let us bring you to the special places on the Island of Gods, You will notice there is something special with Bali.

We truly believe that the spiritual life and the essence of this island has so much wisdom to share with the rest of the world.