Ingela ‘Pinglan’ Borggren

Sama Yoga teacher Ingela, also known as ‘Pinglan’ in Bali, runs the yoga studio “Sama Yoga Bali – Under the Banyantree”, together with Sky and Sanna. She has been living and teaching yoga in Bali since 2009.

Ingela has taught yoga for ten years. Her classes combine slow, precise movement and breath, Hatha Yoga poses and a deep value for healing.

With a passion for learning and developing her skills, she continues to study and practice Sama Yoga and Odissi dance. What is most meaningful to her is the daily studies with her revered Guru, Swami Vagishananda Saraswati, a traditional teacher in Vedanta, Vedic chanting and Sanskrit.

As part of her committed spiritual lifestyle and love for nature she and her Balinese brother are guiding travelers on sacred pilgrimages –Yatra- as a medium to share the depth and beauty of Balinese culture. She leads jungle hikes in wild forests to temple caves, epic waterfalls, cycling through rice fields and canoe trips across a mountain lake.Batur holding sun copy

Ingela is actively engaged in educational projects that benefit the mountain people of Bali, as well as supporting a more eco-friendly tourism where the culture and nature is preserved in the most sustainable way. “I truly believe that, with its spiritual essence, Bali has so much to share with the rest of the world.”






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