Detailed Itinerary Be Woman Yatra


Our yoga shala is fondly called ‘Under the Banyan Tree’. The enormous Avatar-like tree   rising overhead with its branches hanging right down over the yoga floor gives this place a very special presence.

Here we will meet for the first time, gathering in a welcome circle where we will see, mirror and honour each other with an ancient Devi ritual.

Afterwards we will walk a short distance over to our Bamboo House, the house with no walls, surrounded by rice paddies and views of the sacred mountains, Batu Karu and Agung.

Dinner will be served with the peaceful, soothings sounds of the breeze, the ducks and the frogs in the rice fields.

Together we will discuss in detail the 9 Day Be Woman Pilgrimage that is about to unfold!


We dedicate this day to Devi Durga, the Great Mother, Mother of the Universe; the Goddess of strength and courage, bestowing fearlessness.

At nightfall, after a deep heart sharing circle we will invoke Goddess Kali – our Bone Woman and Goddess of Time, through a sacred dance offered in temples during worship and ceremonies.

Day 3

Today our journey will take you through the world-famous rice paddies of Tegalalang. But instead of joining the pack to see them from a tourist viewpoint, we will be cycling along pathways right through these incredible fields, and on the way gaining insight into the complex and millennia-old irrigation system called subak.

We will take a break at the traditional village of Sebatu, or Stone Rock, where we will make our way down the steps to enter Pura Dalem Pingit, the holy water and purification temple.

Here we will guide you through a ritual of purification dedicated to Goddess Kwangin – sacred beauty, sacred feminine – in this holy water falling from a natural spring.

Day 4

The next days are dedicated to the Goddess Laksmi, Goddess of abundance, nourishment and sacred beauty.

Today this dedicated to self-care, nourishment and the honouring of the body as a temple, as we stroll along the rice fields enjoying an organic lunch, a puja or ‘Vedic ritual’ at the hidden river and a pampering at one of Ubud’s very best spas.

Day 5

Today we will leave Ubud behind us and head for the majestic mountains of the north, where, according to Balinese beliefs, the gods and goddesses reside.

Here we will hike into the wild jungle where breathtaking and exhilarating waterfalls await us. The Balinese believe water is a force of life and has wonderful healing effects, bestowing blessings if prayerfully acknowledged.

Ending the day with a picnic lunch at the mountain cottage “Giri Putri’ , we find ourselves literally at the top of Bali overlooking the ocean crashing onto the shore.

We will spend the night in the mountains; lighting a fire we will chant sacred mantras to honour and offer our gratitude for Mother Earth’s infinite gifts.

Day 6

Early morning practice and then off to the mist-shrouded lakes for canoeing in the cool and refreshing air.

From there we will leave our mountain nest and head towards the north-east coast, on the way visiting the healing natural hot springs for a wonderfully relaxing body soak and a young coconut fresh from the tree, the invigorating mountain air filling our lungs.

Day 7

Today is dedicated to the Goddess Saraswati, goddess of knowledge, arts, music, wisdom and nature.

We will spend the next days at a beautifully quiet and deeply nourishing resort, where we will have the time and space to integrate our journey so far.

It is important to allow ourselves to rest in order to gain the jewels of insight for ourselves, and not only through concepts and words.

For those who would like to go deeper and share with other women their stories, and find ways to continue on this awakening path of self-growth we will be introducing the Be Woman Project in the afternoon as an optional workshop.

Day 8

We will wake to Mother Nature’s early morning chorus, and be guided through our morning ritual and self-care practice. After breakfast the rest of the morning is yours, to walk along the stunning volcanic beach, to take a spa treatment or a bath in the healing waters of the river. We suggest you remain alone for this time, to be with your heart and contemplate what you would like to share in our final sharing circle later in the afternoon.

To end the day there will be dancing, expressing our selves and celebrating each other, life and mother nature.

Day 9

Today will be our final ceremony, one where we will honour each and every woman as the Devi she is, as Durga, Laksmi and Sarasvati.

A time to be, receive, feel, embrace, love and express gratitude for all that is given us in Life.



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