We wish to make great memories with you while
offering you the chance to
experience our favourite places on the island.

Price per person:

180 €

Half-price for children under 12 years old

Minimum 4 people

2 Days / 1 Night

Activity Level:

Leisurely - Moderate

Day 1

The journey starts from the minute we step on the bus, slowly leaving the business of the city behind.

As the roads become steeper and the air crisper, the views open into stunning expanses of hills, sawah (rice fields), and desa (village) life, we enter into a part of Bali where hidden waterfalls and lush greenness await us.

The bus seemingly stops in the middle of a road, and there it is, the entrance to the jungle.

With the humble and knowledgeable guidance of Yatra Tours’s local friends, we’re led to trek down a winding path through trees whose branches hang heavy with fruit and nuts, coffee beans and avocado.

Watch your step, it gets slippery at times and that might be the subtle clue that the waters are near.

You hear the waterfalls from a distance singing along with the sounds of the jungle and all of a sudden, from just behind that next rock, the first one appears, offering us a natural cooling shower.

Hiking upstream for a minute until we see the next one, the hunt for waterfalls has begun. You may venture to allow their mists to lightly cover you, or go for the full soak zone experience, allowing the water’s strength to drench you. 

Your feet get used to the jungle path as the sun softly peeks through the thick leaves above while our guide on the ground tells us about the benefits of the local fruit he’s showing us. In good timing as we’re getting hungry, we reach the place where our home cooked, organic lunch buffet is served.

We spend the afternoon resting our legs a bit at the shores of  Lake Beratan. This calm lake which restores us is one of the main water sources for the whole island of Bali.

You have options to glide through the still waters in canoes, watch the fireflies, and hear the sounds of animals that wake up at sunset. We might hear stories you tell by the fire while darkness falls.

Day 2

After a night’s rest and an energy-filled breakfast we’re ready for the second day adventure.

Our first stop, is at the local market. Here we enter  a world where vegetables, nuts, offerings and  fruits are displayed in a hierarchy fashion. Some exotic fruits are well known, but you most likely will try something you never tasted before.

After the fresh and cool mountain air, it is now time to step in to the hot springs of Angseri. Here we soak our bodies in either cooler waters or the hot springs, letting sore muscles soften and allowing the mountain air to fill our lungs.

Lunch will be served with breathtaking views overlooking ancient rice padi.

After this it’s time to ride! Our starting point is a Balinese compound outside of Desa Tundak. Here we’ll choose our bikes and take them for a test ride.

Keen cyclists have the option of venturing 2 kilometers off-road through narrow winding jungle paths.

Another option is to take the main road to the Banyan Tree where our two paths will meet.

From here, together we will cruise the meandering roads, passing through lush rolling hills and mountain terraces, leading to the cool, dark and mysterious Sangeh monkey forest.

Our final destination is the Tirta Taman Mumbul. Huge trees shade an emerald green lake, inhabited by giant koi fish.

The newly developed bathing area has a walled shallow pool with 11 waterspouts guarded by statues of 11 different Hindu gods.

People come here to receive a blessing and ritual water cleanse by bathing in the curative and purifying spring waters.

Price: 180 €

Price based on double occupancy

Single supplement: 50 €

Half-price for children under 12 years old

Minimum: 4 people

All hotel accommodation

Services of local Yatra Tour's guides & support van

Transportation from pick up to drop off

All special events and entrance fees

All breakfasts & lunches

Snacks & Fruits during all out door activities

Appropriate ceremonial clothes and offerings to enter sacred areas


Waterfall Trek

Trek Total Distance: 8,3 km

The day starts with a healthy organic breakfast at our Giri Putri Mountain cottage.

At the starting point we have a short safety and equipment talk.

The waterfall trek will take approximately 3- 3,5 hours.

We make plenty of stops to swim, ride and relax in the waterfalls.

After a day in water, we will serve you an organic vegetarian lunch with the view over the north coast of Bali.

This afternoon, the choice is yours: either relaxing with a book over looking the sacred lakes, a traditional canoe ride over the misty lakes, another great trek.

At nightfall, head into "down town" Wana Giri for a dinner at one of our favorite restaurant.


Bikeride: Total Distance: 25 km

After breakfast we head down the mountains.

At the local traditional markets, we present you and let you try all kinds of tropical fruits.

We drive through the world known rice - terraces and reach the hot springs.

Here you can choose! Hot, hotter, hottest or the cooling streams.
For sure, you will feel the impact of letting you body relax in mineral water that sipping through the mountains.

After lunch we are ready for another adventure.

Bikes stand ready, as we ride through traditional villages and discover the day to day life in Bali.

The final stop of the day, is at the Water - temple. We will help you to get dress as a Balinese.

At the temple, we will guide you through the steps.

Back to hotel approximately around 6 pm



If you are wishing to join the trek we expect that you are an enthusiastic recreational or leisure good health and with average fitness!

Optional and easier treks are available as an option.

Please let us know if you have injuries or any other health information you need to share with us.


For the most part the ride is downhill and requires an average fitness level.

There are a few inclines and the occasional challenging hill, so it is best if you are a comfortable rider who can maneuver different terrains.

The few climbs on the ride are optional and can be avoided with transfers.

A support van is always nearby to support you in case you prefer to step off or need a break.


Day 1

Waterfall trek

Please wear athletic shoes that can support your feet under uneven terrain and which will help sustain a firm grasp on slippery rocks.

Wear normal fitness and outdoor clothing.

T-shirt or similar that covers the shoulders. The reason is that we will enter sacred areas.

In the jungle you need to have either long trousers or socks that are covering the full length of your legs. The reason is that there are nettles, that can give a itchie sting.

Bring swim wears and towel

Bring a change of clothes. Don't forget with the afternoon mountain chill plus hours by cascading waterfalls, it is really nice to have a warm set of warm cloths after the trek.

For your comfort, please also bring a thicker jumper or jacket for the morning and afternoon mountain chill.

Day 2


Please wear athletic shoes for your bike-ride.

Please apply plenty of sunscreen before the ride and protect your eyes with sunglasses.

Cap that fits under the helmet is a great way to protect the eyes.

Hot Spring

Bring swimwear plus towel for the hot springs

Balinese water-blessing ceremony

Wear t-shirt or similar that covers the shoulders

If you have you own preferable sarong, you can bring it. If not, we have one for you!


Bring a change of clothes

Please be aware that women during menstruation can not enter a Hindu temple


In case of rain, we will provide rain-coats

Please inform your guides of any important information that you think can affect the ride (e.g. allergies, previous injuries etc)

Our guides have long experience. In case of any injury and accident we are equipped with the basic first aid kit.

In case of a more severe injury, we will transport you to nearest and highly qualified hospital, which will attend to your needs.

Please make sure you have your own personal injury/ accident insurance in case any severe accident/ injury would happen to you.

Please note: The itinerary may vary slightly for your specific tour as we continuously research and develop each trip.

Inclement weather may also necessitate minor alterations.


After a day in the nature, that special moment when you rest your body, and a well cooked meal is presented.
To make sure you get the best of the best, many of the meals will be prepared by us.

That way we make sure that all our ingrediencies are all organic and not harming either you or Mother Earth.

Many of the vegetables we grow in our own garden.

We also make sure our ingrediencies are purchased from shops that sell organic.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs

My partner and I visited Bali this year. A friend recommended the yatra yours, and boy were we so grateful. All I can say, that was the most profound, spiritual, deep and beautiful experience we have ever had. Witnessing Bali and its raw nature and pure maic was so humbeling.

The team is amazing. Very professional, easygoing and well equipped aln always smiling. Once we come back, we are sure doing it again.

For all of you who are searching to experience pure Bali Spirit, with all of its Sacredness and Beauty, you are at the right place.

Sinisa Pavletic

With yatra tours you for sure experience the real, auspisious, magical Bali. Guided with so much knowledge, fun and genuine respect for Mama Bali❤️Hiking the lush jungle, baptised in God at the amazing waterfalls, cykeling thru villages and rice fields, spiritual ceremonies at the water temple, delicious picknic… My children (9&7) words: “the best excursions in the world with the loveliest guides”. Thank you Yatra tours for some very deep and loving experiences!

Åsa Lindblom

For an opportunity to hike off the beaten track where you feel a part of the local landscape, do the H2o hike with Yatra! You will be well taken care by local knowledgable guides and have an unforgettable experience of the jungle! Deb Muldoon ( Canada)