Meet the teachers

Here are the teachers:

Ingela Borggren

Ingela teaches Sama Yoga under the banyantree Bali in Penestanan, UbudSama Yoga teacher Ingela, also known as Pinglan in Bali, runs the yoga studio “Sama Yoga Bali – Under the Banyantree”, together with Sky and Sanna in Ubud, Bali. She first came to Bali ‘the Island of Gods’ in 1999.

From the moment I arrived I knew there was something special with Bali. The vivid traditions, culture and the spirit of Bali fascinated me right from the start. I truly believe that, with its spiritual essence, Bali has so much to share with the rest of the world.”

Ingela has been teaching yoga for the last ten years, mainly at the Norwegian Sport Academy in Bali. Her classes combine slow movement with a deep value for healing.

Today, Ingela is studying with her revered Guru, Swami Vagishananda Saraswati, a traditional teacher in Vedanta, Vedic chanting and Sanskrit.

As part of her committed spiritual lifestyle and love for nature she and her Balinese brother are also guiding travelers on sacred pilgrimages –Yatra- as a medium to share the various aspects of the Bali Hindu heart.

There are jungle hikes which takes you right into the deep forest, to waterfalls where you can swim out in the untouched water, bike rides through the open rice fields and water trips in canoes.

In combination of wanting to let you truly know what Bali is all about, they also actively engaged in projects that through education will benefit the mountain people, as well as supporting a more eco-friendly tourism where the culture and nature is preserved in the most sustainable way.

Ibu Dayu

Ibu Dayu has grown up with the traditions and blessings of Balinese culture.  Her heart is naturally orientated to a Yoga lifestyle and living life as a sacred offering.  She has been practicing Yoga for many years and teaching for the last 8 years in Sanur.

Dayu is both an Ayurvedic Therapist and a classical Hatha yoga teacher. She has studied with a traditional lineage of Indian yoga masters at the Bali India Foundation.  Her education focused on the healing and therapeutic aspects of the Yoga postures and Pranayama (breathing techniques).  Her classes are suitable for yoga practitioners of all levels and backgrounds.

She has a passion and assimilated knowledge of Ayurveda and offers Consultations and specialized treatments. Please ask her for an appointment.


A rare and precious jewel, Menik has grown up in Bali, following the traditional values and Balinese customs.  She is a natural Yogi embodying the spiritual grounding and open heart that are gifts of the culture. As part of a big family, she was naturally drawn to helping others, which has led her to pursue a career in Health Care and now working as a fully qualified Doctor. She has earned great respect and responsibility working in International Hospitals as a GP and Department Co-ordinator for the past 6 years. To bring a balance to her busy lifestyle she has embraced yoga more deeply these past years. Her passion for Yoga led her to the Sama Yoga teacher training in 2016.

“The journey keeps offering me new lessons to learn and I am so grateful and happy and with a humble heart, share what I have learned and experienced by teaching yoga. For me yoga is not merely a physical exercise but more as a way of life to live a happier and content life. I feel the balance when I claim my own space on the mat and indulge myself with relaxation and awareness during my own yoga routine. It’s a great practice to combine western medical treatment and yoga side by side as a comprehensive and wholeness therapy for the fullest well being.”


Astri will be sub-teaching, she will give the first Community class on Sunday 14th May.

“In my Hatha Yoga classes we are flowing and using the breath and moving the body wihtin the breath so we can embody the pose and allowing yourself to understand why you move your body in a certain way. My great teacher said “Why we move our body – we have to understand what we are doing and why we are doing that”

“My Yin Yoga classes are all about self enquiry, help you go deeper and understand that the body is nothing, there’s more beyond than that, how to give a chance and understand how to go deeper into yourself”
More about Astri here


Every moment is sacred, every moment has beauty somewhere to be extracted”   /Devi