Places to stay in Penestanan Kaja


Places max 15 mins walking distance to “Under the Banyantree”


Most of the places in this area are quite luxury, separate villas with a view of the rice fields.

Most places have an outdoor veranda, kitchen etc.

Prices mostly include cleaning, sheets, towels, wifi etc.

All the facilities may not be stated for all the places.


Tourism in Bali is expanding quickly and there are a lot of construction work going on. If you are sound sensitive, then it can be a good idea to ask if there is building work going on next door.



Santra Putra

Wayan karja, a famous artist, owns this place and it was one of the first accommodation in this area. All rooms have the same facilities but the price vary depending on how newly built the room is.

There are 9 rooms in total. Many of our friends have stayed here and liked it.

Facilities: 1 Doublebed + possible extra bed, kitchen, bathroom, veranda, desk etc.

No pool

Approx. price

4,5 million IDR/month (older rooms)

7 million IDR/month (newer rooms)

More info

Sky’s old place

Double bed upstairs, single bed downstairs, can put extra single bed

Kitchen, veranda, garden

Approx. price

250 000 IDR/night

7,5 million IDR/month



Wayan +62-813-38907260


Lala & Lili

Approx. price

12,6 million for 4 weeks or more (1-2 people)

More info



Newly built (2014)

Supernice newbuilt house 4 minutes walk from the Shala. Two double bed rooms, with their own attached bathroom, kitchen, small veranda facing the djungle, wi-fi and phone!

Contact: Wayan 081-8564596

Or ask for him or Nyoman in the little shop beside the temple, both speak almost no english, (use very few words). Ask for price.

(Nyoman 081- 936570827)

Kopi Desa

Pak Made has a few places that he rents out, he also says he can help you find a place in the area.

+62-821-44991551 (Pak Made) (Pak Mades son)


Place 1: 2 bedrooms with double beds, pool, kitchen, garden, veranda/livingroom, wifi

Approx. price place 1

15 million IDR/month


Place 2: 1 room, kitchen, wifi, no pool, veranda(?)

Approx. price place 2

5 million IDR/month
Place 3: He calls this “students accomodation”. 8 beds bunkbed style in 2 rooms. Bathroom, kitchen, wifi, washing machine. Very basic facilities. This is located in the back of the café “Kopi Desa” so there’s no rice fields immediately outside.

Approx. price place 3

4 million IDR/month for the whole place

Villa Pekecan/Vaidika

Located 5 minutes from the Yellow Flower, 10 minutes walk to Bintang supermarket, 15 minutes walk to the Shala.


Compound of 2 houses with kitchen in the middle. Small private pool and veranda/outdoor livingroom with roof, garden. Wi-fi, drinking water, cleaning every day is included.

1 double bed/livingroom in one house, with attached bathroom. Another double bed upstairs in other house, single bed downstairs, can put an extra single bed. Bathroom downstairs.

Approx. price

500 000 IDR/night

15 million IDR/month


Wayan +62-813-38907260




Yoni’s place

Two apartments with one room each. Doublebed, bathroom, kitchen.

House in the rice fields available too, but you might need a motorbike to get to the shala (5 min motorbike drive)

Approx. price

Appartment in the older house: 2,5 million IDR/month

Appartment in the newer house: 3 million IDR/month

Yoni +62-812-39167471


Surya Cottages

3-4 houses, different sizes (I think)

Small house has one room, double bed, kitchen, bathroom, wifi, cleaning 1 time/week

Approx. price

5 million IDR/month for a small house

Ketut Suta: +62-813-37295218


Melati cottages

22 guest rooms in four different standards, breakfast included in all:
Standard: One double bed, no kitchen – 25USD/night for one person, 30USD/night for two persons
Double: One single and one double bed, no kitchen – 30USD/night for one person, 40USD/night for two persons

Family: One single and one double bed, kitchen – 45USD/night for two persons, 50USD/night for a whole family

Private: One single and one king size bed, kitchen, spacious living room – 60USD/night for two persons, 70USD/night for a whole family

Common pool area (long enough to swim laps, around 18m long)

More info


Villa Kita Dewi – Ayu

2 bedrooms with desk etc. (one of the bedrooms is half outside on the 2nd floor) bathroom downstairs indoor. Outside downstairs is a big veranda/livingroom, kitchen and a common pool area. Smaller rooms are also available but without kitchen. AC

Approx. price

800 000 IDR/night for the big place describers above. Smaller rooms are also available.


Wayan Sarna

One room with double bed, veranda and your own garden with walls around. Small kitchen and big bathroom, built 2013.
+62-852-37332393 you can find it on Facebook


Bale D´umah

1 big room with double bed and livingroom in one. A big veranda/outdoor livingroom with kitchen, couch, table, sun beds. Private pool and a little deck for yoga. Garden.

Approx. price

800 000 IDR/night including breakfast

Made Putra +62-819-99627664



Rumah Semanggi


Common pool-area with sun beds and juice bar. Garden.

More info


Pondok Pekak Mangku

More info

find on internet, search for “Pondok Pekak Mangku Penestanan Kaja”



Pondok ibu Anna

More info
find on internet, search for “pondok ibu Anna Penestanan Kaja”


Rumah Kelinci

contact Ketut Narda: +62-812-3940276



Madrigal Guest House

More info



Kajeng! House

Approx. price

More info



Repin House

Approx. price

More info



Made Kunchi House

Approx. price

More info



Batik centre – private house for rent

Approx. price

More info

Made +62-813-38331931


Room for rent

Approx. price

More info



Rasman vill D’Lobong

4 houses, each with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, indoor and outdoor living space, spacious garden, large pool, wifi, security person etc.

Approx. price

from 15 mill IDR/month

More info


Kuntia +62-81338669028


Villa Semua Suka

Many villas for 1-8 people.

Approx. price

More info



Wija Bungalow

Approx. price

More info



Suwar Bungalows

Approx. price


More info




The bead shop campuhan

Approx. price

More info




Behind Yellow Flower café. Appartment in 2 story house. 2 Doublebeds in one room. Kitchen, bathroom, big balcony with a nice view. Wifi. Can’t open the windows, only the airing parts above the windows.

Approx. price

5 million IDR/month




Rasman Villa

Four villas close to Yellow Flower café.

Approx. price

Cheapest one 15 million/month

Kuntia +62-813-38669028



Made Ticka 6000000

2 beds (one downstairs with stairs to upstair room, one upstaris)

Very nice upstairs room, spacious, bright. Nice outside sitting space. With litle kitchen.

☎ 081558168202



Reka home stay 4000000

One room with one bed, small house, garden, with small kitchen.

☎ 08179707182


Setia Guest House 6000000

She have in total 3 houses available, eache have 2 beds, one on each floor and kitchen.

(I havent seen the rooms)

☎ 081353125977


Pugig homestay

More info




Rama Atas, 30euro/nite (twin bed).

Rama Bawah, 25euro/nite (one kingsizebed).

Laksamana Atas, 25euro/nite (one kingsizebed).

Laksamana Bawah, 20euro/nite (one kingsizebed).

Low Budget room, 10euro/nite (one kingsizebed).

Terms and Condition :

* 2 Breakfast and tax included.

*Extra breakfast IDR 20.000/day/person.

*visit click the gallery to see our photos.

*Facilities :  hot shower/wifi/kitchen/private terrace/swimming pool.

*extra charge 20euro/oneway for transport from/to airport (different cost for other destination).

*Confirmation will sent after 2 nights deposit received.

*No-Refund for any cancellation.




Sri Krishna Aya-Heins

Approx. price 6000000

Very nice, with pool, 1 bed, no kitchen

He have 2 other houses, bigger with 2 beds, but more expensive.

☎ 081933119159



Londo Bungalows

Approx. price 5000000

2 beds (one donstairs with the stairs to upstairs)

Spacious room upstairs with big tarrace, mini garden.

They might have more rooms avialable in February.

☎ 081916253270

(sorry for photo quality, my camera broke)




Approx. price 10000000 (with pool) or another one 7000000 (without pool)

I have seen the more expensive one and it was 2 beds in separated rooms.

Big place with big upstairs tarrace and nice outisde space, kitchen.

☎ 081933039379


Sena Bungalows

Approx. price 5500000

Spacious, shared room with 2 beds, kitchen.

☎ 08123904214


Runah Kelinci

Approx. price 7500000 and 6500000

Big place very beautiful, with garden, quiet far in rice fields, difficult access, outside open kitchen.

☎ 08123940276


Suwar Bungalows

Approx. price 4000000

At the time they had 3 different rooms, with bathroom, shared kitchen, litle balcony.

I think some of them had 2 beds.

Picture here

☎ 085737424897




House in ricefields

”Beautiful house in the rice fields in Penestanan

Full of light, open, spacious + there is a mini joglo/tree house in the garden. The main house has 2 bedrooms – one of them is very big with 2 beds. We are a family of 4 and it was spacious enough for us.”

Please contact landlord Pak Made for more details : 0819 99476516 or Ibu Wayan : 0819 36282679”



  1. Chantik

Place 4 min walk from the Banyantree. ”I think it can accommodate 4 or 5 pp. No swimming pool. (I have only passed by so not sure how it looks inside). Its in the middle of rice fields (no direct access by motorbike but a very short walk)”. It is 10000000 rupiah. The owners name is Made, his number is 081999476516



Bali Gen Bungalows and other bungalows just a few steps up. has a nice room+kitchen+pool.

+62 0361 978 300 / 861 3861 Mobile 081 2966 9462


Surya House

A family stay in front of Kopi Desa. They have new fan rooms+shared bathroom+collective fridge. 5,5 million/mo.


Made + help
”Made who has a guesthouse said she could help to find more options since she was fully booked. Just need to tell her how many people need accommodation and the exact dates of stay.”
Mobile: 081239675341
Her husband Wayan email:





Places max 15 mins motorbike drive to UndertheBanyantree Bali

Swasti Eco cottages

Owned by a french-balinese couple

Different rooms available. common pool area, restaurant, garden, wifi…

More info