Sacred Cycles of Women every TUESDAY

Price per person:

300 K

Half-price for children under 12 years old

Minimum 4 people

For more information:

WA: +6281337656556

Welcome to join us on Sacred Cycles of women every TUESDAY!

We will explore a bit outside as well as the central Ubud area, getting insights into this sacred, spiritual landscape and exploring the beauty of a tropical garden world.

By the river, we make a short break to share and give devotion to Grand-Mother Earth, who is a constant giver and reminder of how precious life is.

Back in our saddles for the last leg of the trip, we enter small, narrow alleys which zigzag across stone paths, the trail then opening onto a landscape where the colors change according to the period in the cycle of local rice cultivation. These rice fields, known as padi, form the core of the Balinese diet. Small, green shoots are planted directly into the muddy, fertile water, which over time, having matured and turned a golden color, may grow well over a meter in hight.

Duration: 1/2 Day
Bike ride begins Under the Banyan tree ( see map for location )
At the starting location, we’ll have safety-talk.
The bike ride will take approx. 3-3,5 hours
Total Bike Ride Distance: 9- 11 km
Activity Level: Requires a spirit of adventure, good health, and a reasonable level of fitness.
Please wear athletic shoes for your ride.
We strongly recommend you not wear flip flops or sandals without a strap
T-shirt or similar that covers the shoulders. The reason is that we will enter sacred areas.
Please apply plenty of sunscreen before the ride and protect your eyes with sunglasses.
Please follow guidelines regarding Covid.

Sacred Cycles of Women

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