An Introduction to Vedic Sanskrit


In this course we will look into:

This is an opportunity for anyone interested to learn the basics of Vedic Sanskrit.

This 10-part course will introduce the student to the ins and outs of Sanskrit pronunciation, the written alphabet known as Devanāgarī, how to read transliterated Sanskrit using IAST, some basic rules regarding Sanskrit grammar and a brief introduction into the philosophy behind this amazing language.

This 10-part course is recommended for anyone interested in gaining a greater understanding of the Sanskrit language including yoga teachers and practitioners, lovers of kirtan and bhajan, anyone interested in chanting Sanskrit, students of any of the myriad Indian philosophies and cultures and any serious, spiritual aspirants.

Please note that this class is by donation (which is voluntary), and all levels are welcome. Interested students are requested to contact Ingela via PM or email

WA: +6281337656556
Email: [email protected]

Committed to a spiritual lifestyle, Pinglan has been studying and teaching Vedānta, Sanskrit, Vedic chanting, yoga and sacred ceremony since 2005. Pinglan (Ingela) is part of the Sama Yoga team and co-founder of the yoga studio ‘Under the Banyan Tree’ in Ubud, Bali. She first came to Bali, ‘The Island of the Gods’, in 1999; “I knew right from the start that there was something special about Bali. The vivid traditions, culture and the spirit of the island fascinated me. I truly believe that, with its spiritual essence, Bali has so much to share with the rest of the world.” Pinglan is a dedicated and long-time student of her revered Sanskrit and Vedānta teacher, Svāmī Vāgiīśānanda Sarasvatī.


I can warmly recommend studying Sanskrit with Ingela. She unlocks the keys for understanding Sanskrit step by step in a pedagogical way. You feel her passion and love for Vedanta and the Sanskrit language which makes the process, inspiring, fun and meaningful.

Sara Ljusår