We aim, with you, to truly experience and strengthen our common values of
Tri Hita Karana, the underlying and essential harmony of
spirit, humanity and earth.

Price per person:

80 €

Half-price for children under 12 years old

Minimum 4 people

There is something eminently peaceful in riding alongside the labyrinth of channels and canals known as subak.

These have shaped the island’s landscape over the past thousand years and are an integral part of religious life.

Rice is seen as a gift of the gods and the subak system is important part of temple culture. Water from springs and canals flows through the temples and out onto the rice paddy fields.

One can contemplate upon the Balinese philosophical concept of Tri Hita Karana, which brings together the realms of the spirit, the human world and nature.

Our starting point is a Balinese compound outside of Penebel. Here we will choose our bikes and take them for a test ride.

Keen cyclists have the option of venturing 2 kilometers off-road through narrow winding jungle paths. Another option is to take the main road to the Banyan Tree where our two paths will meet.

From here, together we will cruise the meandering roads, passing through lush rolling hills and mountain terraces, leading to the cool, dark and mysterious Sangeh monkey forest. This is home to about 700 long-tailed macaques and about 2000 straight-trunked ‘Palahlar’ (Dipterocarpus Trinervis) trees, soaring up to 60 metres in height. The forest is more than three centuries old and was originally planned as a royal garden for the Mengwi kingdom.

Our final destination is the Tirta Taman Mumbul. Huge trees shade an emerald green lake, inhabited by giant koi fish. Pura Ulun Mumbul appears to float upon the lake, while a majestic banyan tree shelters a small statue of an elderly water-bearer.

Legend has it that the old woman stopped for a rest at this place, took pity on the dry land, and watered the shrivelled-up plants. The water continued to pour from her small jar, forming the lake that we see today.

The newly developed bathing area features a walled shallow pool with 11 waterspouts guarded by statues of 11 different Hindu gods. People come here to receive a blessing and ritual water cleanse by bathing in the curative and purifying spring waters.

Price: 80 € / pp

Half-price for children under 12 years old

Pic Nic Lunch at Pura Mumbul

Water, Snacks & Fruits during the ride

Balinese Water-blessing-ceremony ( Melukat )

Ceremonial clothes

Entrance fee to Monkey- forrest

Services of local Yatra Tour's guides

Support van

Use of bicycle, helmet and gloves

All Entrance-fees

Transportation from pick up to drop off

Raincoats (In case of rain)

Not incl:

Gratitude to guides


Tama Sari bike ride begins with that we will pick you up at preferred location.

We will head towards the sacred Batu Karu mountain.

The journey to the starting point takes about 1hour so you will have some time to go on sleeping in the vehicle and save some energy for the hike.

Once at the starting location, we’ll have safety-talk.

Helmets and gloves will be provided before we take off

The bikeride will take approx. 2,5-3 hours

Snack, Fruit, Water will be offered during the ride

Pic Nic Lunch at Taman Mumbul will be served approx 1 pm

Return to hotel approximately around 2.30-3:00- pm

Total Bike Ride Distance: 25 km


Gentle - Moderate


This ride is rated leisurely, meaning it’s appropriate for riders who enjoy a more gentle ride but can also handle some short climbs and exhilarating descents.

Much of the time we will be riding downhill; occasionally there are places with more challenging inclines and terrains.

There are a few options sections of narrow single track through dense vegetation which can be challenging – remember you can always choose a less challenging route, or ride in our support van.


For the most part the ride is downhill and requires that you are a comfortable bike-rider, who can manoeuvre different terrains.

Please inform your guides of any important information that you think can affect the ride (e.g. allergies, previous injuries etc)


On all our cycling trips a support vehicle accompanies the riders.

Any time you’d like to be transferred rather than ride the support van is always nearby.

With this high level of vehicle support you can confidently book a particular activity level knowing that there is back-up, if you should get tired.

This is the perfect ride for friends, families with children or couples of different fitness levels , who like to enjoy the same trip.

Along the route we have plenty of rest times scheduled into the program for breaks and snacks.

Attire and what to bring:

  • Please wear athletic shoes for your ride.  We strongly recommend you not wear flip flops or sandals without strap
  • T-shirt or similar that covers the shoulders. The reason is that we will enter sacred areas.
  • Please apply plenty of sunscreen before the ride and protect your eyes with sunglasses.
  • Cap that fits under the helmet is a great way to protect the eyes.
  • Bring a change of cloths
  • You are welcome to bring a camera to document memories of the stunning vistas.
  • You may spot something along the way you would like to purchase, so be sure and have some pocket money.
  • For your comfort, please also bring a thick jumper or jacket for the morning mountain chill.


  • Please inform your guides of any important information that you think can affect the ride (e.g. allergies, previous injuries etc)
  • Our guides have long experience. In case of any injury and accident we are equipped with the basic first aid kit.
  • In case of a more severe injury, we will transport you to nearest and highly qualified hospital, which will attend to your needs. Please make sure you have your own personal injury/ accident insurance in case any severe accident/ injury would happen to you.
  • Please note: The itinerary may vary slightly for your specific tour as we continuously research and develop each trip. Inclement weather may also necessitate minor alterations.

One word; Magical!
Nature at it’s best. It leaves you breathless and humble to ride the bike through the rice fields and jungle.


Jack J

Come closer to Mother Nature is to come close to your self. Yatra Tours help you!

Manereia Hanuman

Big thanks to Yatra Tours and  friends for a great day. Waterfall rituals, yoga and amazing food. Loved it!

Anders Paalgard