Sama Yoga Teacher Training

Why is the SamaYoga Teacher Training unique?

The Sama Yoga Teacher training involves a full understanding of Yoga, not only on the mat, but as a way of living that gives harmony and joy in your life. A wish for all students: “May the students/teachers of SamaYoga gain the blessing of Moksa (liberation from a sense of limitation) and have the capacity to share with comfort and confidence the true teachings o yoga. May all beings have freedom from suffering.”

1) Emphasis on Self-Development
SamaYoga presents a full yoga lifestyle, how you can live in harmony with your environment, and most importantly how we can mature and grow into responsible, stable, spiritual people that honor and live a life in accordance with human values. The teachings come directly from Bhagavat Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Vedas. We learn about asana, meditation, Puja, Prayers, Devotion, Emotional management, proper chanting, Mantra, and meanings of mantras, psychology and how the consistent practice of these disciplines earns us grace and blessings in the life.

2) The yoga classes are uniquely presented
The Yoga is delivered straight from the heart, from a deep trust in the yoga wisdom and knowledge to flow from teacher to student. It is delivered as a prayer. The confidence to teach this way comes from absorbing the teachings over several years of study and practice. We train ourselves to be very present, available to learn, quiet and focused in the mind, inspired, and devoted to yoga as a way of life. The yoga arrives more and more deeply in our heart and available to come out as the situation calls it to come. We learn how even a simple Asana (posture) can be richly presented in such a way that its effects go deep and the students relax and resolve into the more subtle aspects of the pose the heart-centered presence of the teacher is developed as they embody the teachings more fully due to a consistent commitment and a love for sharing the knowledge. The teacher feels grateful and mutually honors the students, free from manipulation and control issues. Relaxed in non-competition, students are encouraged to honor their body/minds, they are praised, beautiful qualities are recognized. Freedom form competition, comparison and control, which means freedom from sorrow.

3) The physical presentation of SamaYoga is an integration of Hatha Yoga, Kriyas, Qi gong and heart opening mantras, intuitively delivered in a relaxed way, that honors the students and lets them feel comfortable the whole way through.
There’s a sense of continuous flow even in the stillness, the poses lead gracefully from one to another allowing the practitioner to go deeply into the sensations feeling the more subtle aspects of the pose. Guidance is given in an appropriate way, enough to direct students to set up the pose correctly, then pay attention to specific aspects and feelings in the body. Mantras and movements are incorporated into the class to deepen focus and devotion this also brings an opening to the voice and heart. The teaching is conveyed with simplicity and depth.
4) Learn how to teach with your heart and full presence
While teaching Yoga we take great care to use language that is appropriate and non-manipulative, so the students can truly trust and relax. This is absorbed by the students throughout the course and will become their language too. We learn how to teach without using notes. The mechanics and technical aspects of the Asanas are explored in depth and students get a good understanding how to perform the asanas and practice teaching them to the group.We devote two classes per day to being on the yogamat and engaging in hatha yoga, both in flow and structure, solo and groupwork.

5) It takes a commitment
The students get a good understanding how to perform the Asanas and practice teaching them to the group. We devote 2 classes per day to being on the yoga mat and engaging in Hatha yoga, both in flow and structure, solo and group work. Yoga is a commitment to cognitive and emotional maturity! The teaching is there and guides us as to how to do this. Going pain is Growing pain, we learn to stay present with painful feelings. Yoga Sutras presents the Yamas and Niyamas as the first limb of Yoga practice. It’s not to be taken lightly or passed over. SamaYoga asks the students to commit to living a life in alignment with these sacred values. We teach these thoroughly, we live these values and see how they bless us, deeply strengthening our character and freeing our heart from conflict. The benefit of this is: less reaction, less frequency of reaction and sooner recovery from reaction. We commit to practice Yoga Asanas and Pranayama as a means of stabilizing the mind and body. See what happens when you commit to a daily practice of nadi shodana for 6 months or longer.

6) Personal programs are prescribed for all Teacher Trainees
Sky meets all students individually, seeing where they are at, what is the physical/emotional state of the person and what they can focus on in between the 3 segments. Personal programs are not set in stone and sometimes altered accordingly to the changing needs of the student. All personal programs are shared with other students in the course so they gain a resource bank of different practices and they can see how the practices are suited to the individual needs.

7) We learn and practice Japa Sadhana –repetition of Mantra
This is a rich resource for the student, and all students are initiated into Mantra
Japa. They are encouraged to chant every day, and over time they can gain deeper and deeper focus and devotion in the chanting. This is a great way to learn to manage our thoughts, when we repeat the same sacred words over and over we clearly see what thought patterns pop up that’s not part of the chanting. Our voice is the tool to convey the words, there must be a confidence and strength to deliver these special words. Chanting and repetition of mantra gives this voice strengthening. Also the mantras are taught correctly, how they were originally presented and honoring the sacred Vedic sounds. The meanings of the mantras are also unfolded. In the mornings we chant Mantra 108 times.

8) We get to travel to Bali
The 10 days in Bali are special indeed. By the ocean, warm, away from all familiar forms, on a magical, spiritual, island where the people are living in prayer. To grow we need to stretch our comfort zones, sacrifice some of our personal likes and dislikes – see what happens when we show up in a different culture. Travel is a great way to deepen our yoga study, we give our ourselves time to break away from our familiar story and enter a new chapter, the title being, “I’m going to deepen my yoga knowledge”. It’s powerful. Bali has a certain healing power and many healers live here. The culture and climate enhance your yoga study by reflecting it in the eyes of the people here – people living a life of ritual, offering, and constant sacrifice.

10) We get classes with a very rare traditional teacher, a Swamiji (master) who deeply understands the purpose of yoga and has practiced it, lived it thoroughly and taught for 40 years.

Swami Vagishananda Saraswati has been an important aspect of this training, teaching us traditional Vedanta and yoga lifestyle as taught in the Bhagavad Gita. Swamiji takes the role of a seeing-eye dog and guides us with words to see what we truly ARE, to see the essence of ourselves that is unaffected by the various states of the body and the mind. We get to ask questions about the nature of oneself, the world and God. The purpose of this teaching is to help us be content in ourselves, by ourselves, no matter what happens in body and mind. Sri Swamiji is a rare jewel indeed, we are blessed to have classes in Bali with a teacher so deep and so available to share this knowledge clearly.

The Sama Yoga Teachertraining is in retreatform, 3 steps of 10 days stretching over 9 months. Between the steps we stay in touch and share support, home assignments and ways to assimilate the yoga into your daily life.

You get 270 taught hours filled with theoretical, philosophical and practical classes that include:
-Traditional Yogatechnique (Asana, Pranayama, meditation and mantra)
– Yoga philosophy, Attitudes and Lifestyle

Anna Asplund anatomi och linjering Sama Yogalärarutbildningen Sverige
– Anatomy and Physiology (including both the teaching of the body and the different organs, as well as knowledge of Prana, Nadis and Chakras)

– Teachingmethodology (how to teach, demonstrate and adjust) and discussions around what it means to be a yogateacher

– Practicing your teachingskills, feedback, observing others teaching

– During the first step Sky gives you a personal program that fits your body and constitution that you bring home to practice

– Introduction to Ayurveda and how to apply it to your lifeSama yogalärarutbildning Sverige

– Yoga from the standpoint of the 5 elements

– Private coaching sessions

– Voice training

– Personal support throughout the year

– Possibility to apply for Yoga Alliannce certificate at the 200hr-level

The course is a dedication during 10 months where you will get homeassignments between the steps and stay in regular touch with the teachers.

The above content is approximately divided into the following amount of hours:Sky and Satyadev på Sama Yogalärarutbildningen nära Göteborg

– 140h yoga technique (asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra)

– 40h teaching methodology

– 15h anatomy and physiology

– 50h Yoga philosophy, lifestyle and etics for yoga teachers

– 10h practising to teach

– 15h special needs.

You apply to the course by sending us a personal letter, where you write about your yoga experience why you want to do the course. Write in English if possible. Coursefee: 28 500 SEK (VAT included)
Price food & accommodation: 17 500 SEK (VAT included)Please note that this includes 270 hrs teacher led hours – 30 all-inclusive retreat days, course material, support during the course’s 9 months, and a new heartfelt community of yoga friends for the rest of your life.
Many other trainings offer only 200 hrs and fewer days for a similar course fee.After the course you are eligible to Certification from Yoga Alliance 200hr and Samayoga School as a Qualified Yoga Teacher. Ultimately, the wish is for the students to recognize themselves as acceptable and have the confidence to teach because they know they can, not because they have a paper.
“Om Asato Mā Sat Gamaya Tamaso Mā Jyotir Gamaya Mṛytyor Ma, amṛtam Gamaya”Lead me from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge from untruth to truth and from death to the understanding of my true nature as deathless.


Step 1 and 3 takes place in Kärlingesund, a retreat centre with a lot of heart as well as comforts. Situated in a nature reserve by the ocean in Bohuslän, (Swedish west coast) it provides closeness to old oak forests, meadows and ocean dips. The building is exquisitely beautiful -made
from wood, designed in antroposofic style with lots of organic angles and windows allowing the sun to lighten up the rooms. Most bedrooms have 2 beds as well as its own water basin. There are 2 comfortable living rooms with couches as well as dining areas inside and outside, extra kitchen for the guests, a beautiful flower- and fruit garden and many many wonderful nature walks right outside the door


The food is of highest possible quality, as much as possible organic ingredients, vegan & gluten free. Each meal is lovingly prepared by a professional chef

Warm welcome from the Sama Yoga Teacher Training team – Sky, Anna & Sanna!

Dear Yogis,
It’s a great honor to share with you the Yoga Knowledge and tradition that has been passed down through the grace of teachers who’ve walked before us. Yoga is a vast topic and takes some years to understand and a lifetime to master.intro-slide2However, even one sincere step towards knowing more will greatly benefit one’s life and bring a transformation that profoundly shifts one’s way of seeing the world and one’s purpose in this life
I wish to welcome you all to this journey of self-growth and discovery of how Yoga can help transform our lives. It’s a special marker in your life when you decide to commit to understanding yourself more clearly and take care of your health and well-being. Finding your voice and expression of yoga as a teacher, is a beautiful way to deepen your understanding and share the blessings of what you’ve learned. To truly convey the heart of yoga, one requires to live a life of yoga, practice consistently for sometime and grasp the most subtle of understandings, the nature of oneself. Our exploration together spans over 9 months, like a pregnancy, we grow in the womb of Sama Yoga practices and assimilated life values, cultivating healthy habits and emotional stability and open heart. We move, chant, sing, pray, stretch, breathe, challenge, accept, assimilate, invigorate and learn to listen to our hearts. On behalf of the great SamaYoga team we are honoured and inspired to share with you what has profoundly blessed our lives in every way. with love and best wishes, /Sky
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This course is also suitable for you who might not want to teach, but wish to deepen your own yogapractice, or for you who is already a yogateacher and want to develop further and learn to teach from your heart.