This day we will explore a bit outside as well as the central Ubud area, getting insights into this sacred, spiritual landscape and exploring the beauty of a tropical garden world

Price per person:

55 €

Half-price for children under 12 years old

Minimum 4 people

Activity Level


We begin our journey in Penestanan Kaja (a small village northwest of central Ubud).

You will enjoy cycling alongside the rice fields which have inspired painters and poets for centuries.

This lush landscape has also attracted Western artists and travellers since at least the 1930s. Along the way one might see local farmers, ducks, exotic tropical birds like the kingfisher, fighting cocks in their rattan cages, small lizards and swarms of voracious dragonflies. One will see banyan trees, temples large and small and special sacred sites which might be wrapped in a special black and white checkered cloth called poleng.

Continuing on, we enter small, narrow alleys which zigzag across stone paths, the trail then opening onto a landscape where the colors change according the to the period in the cycle of local rice cultivation. These rice fields, known as padi, form the core of the Balinese diet. Small, green shoots are planted directly into the muddy, firtile water, which over time, having matured and turned a golden color, may grow well over a meter in hight.

Duration: One day

UBUD bike ride begins with that we will pick you up at preferred location.

We will start our adventure at the small traditional village Penestanan Kaja

Once at the starting location, we’ll have safety-talk.

Helmets and gloves will be provided before we take off

The bikeride will take approx. 3-3,5 hours

Snack, Fruit, Water will be offered during the ride

Lunch at ARMA cafe will be served approx 1 pm

Return to hotel approximately around 2.30-3:00 pm

Total Bike Ride Distance: 15 km
Optional : additional 8 km

Lunch at ARMA cafe *

Snack, Fruit, Water during the ride

Services of local Yatra Tour's guides

Transportation from pick up to drop off

Support van

Appropriate bike, gloves and helmet

All special events and entrance fees

Raincoats (In case of rain)

* ARMA = Agung Rai Museum of Art
The world renown museum of art who supporting Balinese art and culture

Not incl:

Gratitude to guides

Requires a spirit of adventure, good health and a reasonable level of fitness.

Ideal for occasional cyclists, or as a more relaxed trip for riders whose fitness level is higher.

Please wear athletic shoes for your ride.

We strongly recommend you not wear flip flops or sandals without strap

T-shirt or similar that covers the shoulders. The reason is that we will enter sacred areas.

Please apply plenty of sunscreen before the ride and protect your eyes with sunglasses.
Cap that fits under the helmet is a great way to protect the eyes.

Bring a change of cloths

You are welcome to bring a camera to document memories of the stunning vistas.

You may spot something along the way you would like to purchase, so be sure and have some pocket money.

For your comfort, please also bring a thick jumper or jacket for the morning mountain chill.