4 pm WITA
ZooM or
Live Under the Banyan tree

This is a chanting class for beginners, who would like to learn the most common prayers chanted at the beginning and end of a class.
Attention and clarity will be given to
Correct pronunciation,
Visarga / Anusvāra rules,
Sandhiḥ (euphonic combination),
Mātrā (duration of pronunciation )
and overall presentation.

Step by step, we will lay the enjoyable groundwork for you to feel comfortable and familiar to chanting prayers stotras and mantras.

These prayers are recited with the intention to earn the grace of the Lord. This grace is earned in order to help us acquire emotional maturity and wisdom, not for mere material gain. There is no doubt that these prayers will bless the listener profoundly when assimilated and recited with this intention.
My best wishes and love to all of you who are now learning and invoking the Lord’s grace through the chanting of these sacred prayers. It is ever a blessing to share them with you.

Śrī Svāmī Vāgīśānanda Sarasvatī

Ingela इन्दिरा

Committed to a spiritual lifestyle, Ingela इन्दिरा has been studying and teaching Vedānta, Sanskrit, Vedic chanting, yoga and sacred ceremony since 2005.
She first came to Bali, ‘The Island of the Gods’, in 1999; “I knew right from the start that there was something special about Bali. The vivid traditions, culture and the spirit of the island fascinated me. I truly believe that, with its spiritual essence, Bali has so much to share with the rest of the world.”

Ingela इन्दिरा is a dedicated and long-time student of her revered Sanskrit and Vedānta teacher, Svāmī Vāgiīśānanda Sarasvatī.