Yatra Tours

With the love for nature we guide you on sacred pilgrimages, to share the depth and beauty of Balinese culture.
7-waterfall-good-picYatra tours leads jungle hikes in wild forests to temple caves, epic waterfalls, cycling through rice fields and canoe trips across a mountain lake.

As part of our seva, we are actively engaged in educational projects that benefit the mountain people of Bali, as well as supporting a more eco-friendly tourism where the culture and nature is preserved in the most sustainable way.

There are Junglehikes which takes you right into the deep forest, to waterfalls where you can swim out in the untouched water.

Bikerides through the open rice fields, and water trips in canoes.

Why we are different?

img_4985“Some have called us a ‘spiritual boutique adventure company’, which fits very well.  We are a small operation, by choice, because this is the best way to maintain attention to detail, keep personal contact with you, and also go out and explore with you, which we just love to do! Our aim is to remain a friendly organization that caters to small groups of discerning adventure travellers who respect local culture and prefer to travel the unbeaten path. In addition to our passion in showing you the deeper aspects of Bali life, we also actively engage in educational projects that benefit the Bali’s mountain people. Our team has been working successfully together since 1999 and we share a common value for Tri Hita Karana, harmony of earth, human and spirit.” /Ingela Borggren,